6 Apr 2015

Abbott's come back charge has turned into a race to the bottom.

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Poll rates Bill Shorten better prime minister than

Tony Abbott in every state

PM's net approval rating has crashed 35 points since Christmas and that Mr Abbott now lags Bill Shorten as better prime minister in all states for the first time.

South Australia is a different story, where satisfaction with Mr Abbott's performance has fallen to 19 per cent, the worst rating for a prime minister in any state since 1996.
 Western Australia:-Labor's primary vote in  has risen seven points to 37 per cent, a five-year high, giving it a two-party lead of 54 per cent to 46 per cent.
In Queensland:-Labor on a two-party preferred basis, while Labor leads in Victoria by 59-41 and South Australia by 53-47.
In NSW:- Labor has a two-party preferred lead of 54 per cent to the Abbott government's 46 per cent, Newspoll finds.
Mr Shorten is rated better prime minister in all Australian states.
The Opposition Leader is ahead of Mr Abbott 40-31 in Western Australia, 49-30 in Victoria, 40-36 in Queensland, 44-35 in NSW and 46-33 in South Australia.
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