29 Apr 2015

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran: The saga has ended.


Yes the saga has ended for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, they were two criminals who were treated as such by the Australian media at the time of their arrest.The opinion of the Australian people was the in line with the press and our governments were not interested.
The public believed that these criminals were stupid, knew the law in Indonesia and yet still took the risk, the public believed they deserved whatever the law threw at them.

For years they were ignored by the same media because the story was an old story and it was left to die, then we started to see stories appearing about their the chances of them having their death sentences changed.

It once again became a golden goose that kept on giving and the Australian public once again fell into line, the criminals became great examples of rehabilitation, one becoming a pastor and the other a great artist.
Why they being treated so badly we said, forgotten were the criminals, they had disappeared from view.

We then had the off again on again sentence appeal process the pictures of distraught family members, well meaning experts offering opinions every day,  more fodder for the media for months.
We the the public became angry and upset, fuelled by the media we were encouraged to look for ways to hurt Indonesia.

Now we have the executions which should come as no surprise to anybody it was always on the cards and when you combine that with the election of a new leader who's main platform was tough on drug dealers why are we surprised.

Throughout this whole saga we have had politicians of every ilk falling in line with the daily feed from the press. The 24 hour cycle, politicians are controlled by it, every day.

Why have we not tried to reach agreement with Indonesia on prisoner transfer, successive governments have talked the talk but nothing has happened, alright some are upset about what has just happened, what about the future, do we really think this is not going to happen again.

As for my opinion, much as I feel sorry for these young men, they were drug dealers, 8 kilos of heroine is not chicken feed and it could of destroyed many lives. I don't believe in execution, however I still think that if that is Indonesia's law, these young men knew the risks and still went ahead with their plan, so be it on their own heads.

As for the AFP's involvement in this matter perhaps we'll never know but there is something fishy about informing another country when you could learn more by letting then enter Australia and finding out who financed this deal because it is unlikely these boys ever had the funds.

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