2 Apr 2015

Mike Baird, the nice bloke maybe just like other politician's, vindictive and spiteful!

No vote no representative.
It's simple kids, live with it!!
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Even nice guys can turn into very ordinary politicians once in power. He's obviously city centric!!
Is Mike Baird’s decision to scrap Ministers for the Hunter, Illawarra, Central Coast, North Coast and Western NSW from his Cabinet today is payback only days after the election.
Key regions outside of Sydney will no be around the cabinet table.’
The premier has a responsibility to be inclusive and govern for the whole state – even those people who didn’t vote for him.
Is the Teflon premier ‘vindictive and spiteful’. ‘Many of these regions recorded large swings against the government on the weekend – have they been punished for expressing their dissatisfaction with the Liberals and Nationals.
The fact that Western Sydney has been retained in the ministry makes the omission of other regions all the more obvious.
‘The people of the Hunter, Illawarra, Central Coast, North Coast and Western NSW should feel pretty bad after today’s announcement.

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