The controversial Facebook post.
A controversial anti-vaccination group has likened vaccines that prevent disease to rape, drawing condemnation even from some its own supporters.
The Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network posted a black and white image of a woman with a man forcibly holding his hand over the woman's mouth on its Facebook page on Thursday afternoon.
The poster claims that vaccinations are "forced penetration" and states that people should have a choice over what goes into their own bodies.
It is not the first time the group has made the same comparison. In a tweet in January 2011, the group compared a court ordering a five-year-old girl to be vaccinated to "court orders rape of a child".
Almost immediately, supporters of the group expressed their disgust, with one commentator, Rachelle Taylor, posting: "This is disgusting. Are you saying you believe your child being immunised is as bad as your child being raped? This could also be very triggering for victims of sexual assault."

"To compare a doctor injecting a child against something like the measles to rape … it's obscene."