26 May 2015

We've hit the jackpot with casting for these roles.

 We're in safe hands.

When der shitzen hits der fan vee are here to protect you.


Joseph Hockey as the bumbling Sergeant Schultz
Anthony Abbott as the foot in mouth Colonel Klink
Auditions are still in the advanced stages for the role of the US Marine Hogan. It is whispered that Christopher Pyne is being considered because of his ability to speak under water.

I have to say that who ever did the photo-shop job on this image, did a magnificent job no matter what political view you take. I am looking forward to future examples.

23 May 2015

Distressed sheep, will they lobby the government about bad language causing mental anguish.

Sheep are believed to be contacting people smugglers in Australia about moving to another country, persecution and the stealing of their clothes are their major gripes along with the fact that they are forced to live out in the open in all weathers.
The sheep believe that sending the boats would be in keeping the  present government policy as they would be volunteering to go.
"I'm unloved"
Image result for sheep crying cartoon
"I just get attached to my coat and they steal it again."
NSW farmer Ken Turner didn't know you could offend sheep with rude words.
That was until the RSPCA came knocking on the door of his station outside Broken Hill, acting on a tip-off his shearers were swearing at his flock.
Apparently the rude words were distressing the herd.
"None of them actually told me they were offended," said.
The complaint, lodged by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which had reportedly obtained footage from an undercover worker at the station, assumed sheep could at least understand English, he said.
"I still haven't had a sheep come to me (to complain) - they didn't even look offended to me after they were shorn.
"They just walked down to the paddock, grazed intently, and I didn't notice any distress attached to them."

18 May 2015

Legalize doctors euthanasia, allow them to take the action required to alleviate pain where it may result in death.

The law is an ass, it should be dragged into this century.

Based on an article by Chloe Booker

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Doctors who help people die should be better protected under national and state laws which put them at risk of being criminally charged.

Monash University professor Paul Komesaroff and former judge Stephen Charles QC have called for legislation to provide doctors with a defence to homicide or manslaughter in this month's volume of the Medical Journal of Australia, released today.

The defence would be on the grounds of a doctor intending or reasonably believing it was necessary to prescribe or administer a drug to relieve the pain or suffering of a patient.

The "simple" legislative change is aimed at finding similarities in the long polarised debate on voluntary euthanasia law in Australia.

"There is a lot of common ground, in particular on the cluster of patients who are in the terminal stages of their illness," Professor Komesaroff said.

The Catholic church has long apposed any form of euthanasia without considering the doctors responsibility and right to alleviate pain where possible.

Doctors are charged with a heavy responsibility in this regard, they have to balance the right of a patient to feel less pain and the other unlikely outcome.

The present situation in law for doctors is ridiculous and should be changed.

Once this situation is remedied perhaps we could have a look at voluntary euthanasia without the cloud of religion blurring the lines.

People of sound mind and in pain(pain that can not be alleviated) wishing to avail themselves of euthanasia should be able to ask to be assessed by a panel of doctors, to see if they meet strict guidelines with regard to sound mind and physical condition.

17 May 2015

If we win the next election we'll go back to AUSTERITY

"The last time we road over the populace to fast, next time we'll make them like pain by pretending that its doing them good".

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14 May 2015

The crisis in debt and deficit, which the Coalition argued only it could fix in government, has been suffocated.

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The government is hell bent on buying an election but with so many no go areas, such as superannuation and capital gains tax the deficit is bound to worsen.
Based on an article in The Australian: May 14

This government is quaking in its RM Williams and has succeeded in emasculating the Treasurer. The crisis in debt and deficit, which the Coalition argued only it could fix in government, has been suffocated.

Abbott should know voters have long memories. They neither like being mugged nor being treated like mugs. They know the difference in approach from last year to this had more to do with his fate than theirs, his fragility rather than theirs, more to do with saving his own backside rather than any burning desire to pad theirs.

The people he and Hockey are urging to have a go know full well when ­politicians are having a lend and this time they will not be taken for granted.

If this budget does become the launch pad for an early election — and Abbott did nothing to dispel speculation about it yesterday — it would be a massive misreading of the mood of the electorate.

The electorate knows that this government will, if re-elected return to their ideology of hurting the less well off in favour of their mates, they just can't get their heads around the fact that levelling the playing field a little would solve all their problems.

The budget changes mean backpackers who undertake jobs like fruitpicking will be taxed at 32.5 cents from the first dollar they earn. This is counterproductive.

Image result for picking fruit australia
Short sighted action on backpackers, not thought out says industry

The budget changes mean backpackers who undertake jobs like fruitpicking will be taxed at 32.5 cents from the first dollar they earn, to generate more than $500 million in revenue.
The cost of applying for a working holiday visa will also rise from $420 to $440.
Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey said the moves were aimed at “levelling the playing field” and ensuring everyone is paid their fair share.
But tourism industry leaders have slammed the tax rate hikes as “bad for tourism” and farmers are concerned they will not be able to be competitive without them. These jobs are very short time jobs and are not usually close to towns, so unemployed people are very unlikely to take them up because of the costs associated with travel etc. Backpackers however do these jobs for little money and they look  on them as part of their experience in this country.
Backpackers are people who want to work in order to make money to see more of Australia and they spend every cent in Australia. While here they are not entitled to any of the benefits that other taxpayers have so why tax them they are not costing us anything?
The thing with backpackers here is, they’ve had the initiative to come to another country and work wherever, to make a dollar to continue to see more of the country.
“Backpackers stay an average of 73 nights and spend over $5400 while Working holiday backpackers have an extended stay averaging eight months and spend over $13,000 each.”
Youth Hostels Association CEO Julian Ledger said there was no benefit to the Australian economy of taxing backpackers too highly.
It just means less money in their pockets to spend going to Uluru, going to the Great Barrier Reef etc.
It’s casual work. It’s not work that advances your career. The wages are low to begin with.
A stupid idea that will backfire!

Will Treasury officials be interrogated about the Abbott government's second budget by chief economists. No, Abbott and Hockey won't allow it, why, is there something to hide?.

Image result for truth button

Trust is easy to loose and very hard to regain, if the people perceive that a government is being dishonest as they did after the last budget the government will pay the price.

Now we have a new budget, much of what is promised won't happen until 2017, given their track record of back flips, how much of what is promised will really eventuate.

This government's last budget showed us how they would like to treat voters if given the the chance.

Who's to say they don't still have those yearnings to bash us all around the ears and look after their real mates. This is politics, its all about remaining in power and promises are the first casualty.

Has this government learnt anything, apparently not, if this is their first shot at the new open honest government.

Treasury officials will not be interrogated about the Abbott government's much-anticipated second budget this year by Australia's chief economists. This is major break with tradition, what have they to hide?

The Australian Business Economists' annual post-budget lunch, at which the Treasury secretary traditionally delivers a presentation on the budget and the economic outlook for Australia, has been cancelled.

New Treasury secretary broke a 20-year tradition last month by declining an invitation to speak at the traditional post-budget lunch.

It is understood this is the first time in more than two decades that the annual event will not be held.

7 May 2015

United Kingdom votes on Thursday, why on earth is it Thursday?



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Thursday is the day the United Kingdom votes, the reason, well because  once upon a time the people apparently got pissed on Friday because it was payday, as for Saturday and Sunday they were still pissed it seems.
So a tradition was born.

Then there was the thought that having the election on Sunday would be influenced by the Sunday sermons and this wouldn't do at all.

They then had a brilliant idea, town markets were held on Thursdays, so the local population would be going to town that day anyway.

We are now in the year 2015, now people get payed electronically and monthly etc, as for people getting  pissed, they seem to do it whenever they feel like it, churches are struggling to survive let alone influence parishioners, Markets, well Markets are held whenever there is a opportunity and then there's Internet shopping.

So why persist with Thursday's inconvenience, because the major parties believe that rusted on voters will always turn up to vote, whereas minor parties would have trouble getting their followers to come out, particularly when the voting day is a work day.

This two party old boys club is being dragged into 2015 by minor parties who are growing up, the electorate are getting sick of the this club and the difference between the two main parties is becoming blurred.

The United Kingdom's electorate is changing, it is going to have to get used to Minority government, as many other governments in the rest of the world are doing.

Why still vote on Thursdays when at least thirty percent of the population don't bother anyway, surely it would be better to try and make it more convenient, to attract more voters to participate in democracy.

The major parties who apparently love a duopoly democracy that they alone can control will become dinosaurs if they don't change with the times.

True democracy tries to encourage a wider participation by the people, for the people, that is democracy.

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5 May 2015

Australians say its the best country, why, do we really know?

Image result for australian flag cartoon

Australian National University has found that 90% of Australians have pride in their country – especially for achievements in the arts, sciences and sports.
Australians are worried about immigration, job security and the economy.
We are not so proud of our democracy, our social security system, our place in the world and how the most vulnerable are treated.
So we are proud of being proud but of what are we proud, perhaps we are not so sure.

Aussieness no longer relies on being born here. Instead, characteristics like speaking English and “feeling Australian” are taken to be more relevant to pride.

4 May 2015

Race warrior Andrew Bolt

Image result for andrew bolt cartoon

Bolt is tearing us apart

Why would I write a anything about Bolt, well because I can't stand robot like people who are willing to spend their days continuously writing such drivel.

Andrew I believe is an alien who has yet to understand humanity on our planet, his robot like comments never vary, they appear to have been loaded into his robotic brain before the start button was first pressed.

Darth Vader(part robot) at least sounds human, where as poor Andrew keeps repeating the same things over and over. It's obviously a computer malfunction. Perhaps there is an update due for his memory banks.

I will not detail my thoughts about Andrews views however former editor Paul Kelly claimed Bolt was actually spreading “poison” with his “extreme” and “xenophobic” position. He suggested his employers should think about reigning him in.

Andrew would they dare to you down, would they?

We have all heard how he reacts when anyone that disagrees with his robotic brain, its a common fault in this model of robot, he needs an upgrade if its not already to late.

Fault Error:always right.
A common fault with this model is a piece of code that makes this model believe it is always right, always right,always right,always right.


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