23 May 2015

Distressed sheep, will they lobby the government about bad language causing mental anguish.

Sheep are believed to be contacting people smugglers in Australia about moving to another country, persecution and the stealing of their clothes are their major gripes along with the fact that they are forced to live out in the open in all weathers.
The sheep believe that sending the boats would be in keeping the  present government policy as they would be volunteering to go.
"I'm unloved"
Image result for sheep crying cartoon
"I just get attached to my coat and they steal it again."
NSW farmer Ken Turner didn't know you could offend sheep with rude words.
That was until the RSPCA came knocking on the door of his station outside Broken Hill, acting on a tip-off his shearers were swearing at his flock.
Apparently the rude words were distressing the herd.
"None of them actually told me they were offended," said.
The complaint, lodged by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which had reportedly obtained footage from an undercover worker at the station, assumed sheep could at least understand English, he said.
"I still haven't had a sheep come to me (to complain) - they didn't even look offended to me after they were shorn.
"They just walked down to the paddock, grazed intently, and I didn't notice any distress attached to them."

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