7 May 2015

United Kingdom votes on Thursday, why on earth is it Thursday?



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Thursday is the day the United Kingdom votes, the reason, well because  once upon a time the people apparently got pissed on Friday because it was payday, as for Saturday and Sunday they were still pissed it seems.
So a tradition was born.

Then there was the thought that having the election on Sunday would be influenced by the Sunday sermons and this wouldn't do at all.

They then had a brilliant idea, town markets were held on Thursdays, so the local population would be going to town that day anyway.

We are now in the year 2015, now people get payed electronically and monthly etc, as for people getting  pissed, they seem to do it whenever they feel like it, churches are struggling to survive let alone influence parishioners, Markets, well Markets are held whenever there is a opportunity and then there's Internet shopping.

So why persist with Thursday's inconvenience, because the major parties believe that rusted on voters will always turn up to vote, whereas minor parties would have trouble getting their followers to come out, particularly when the voting day is a work day.

This two party old boys club is being dragged into 2015 by minor parties who are growing up, the electorate are getting sick of the this club and the difference between the two main parties is becoming blurred.

The United Kingdom's electorate is changing, it is going to have to get used to Minority government, as many other governments in the rest of the world are doing.

Why still vote on Thursdays when at least thirty percent of the population don't bother anyway, surely it would be better to try and make it more convenient, to attract more voters to participate in democracy.

The major parties who apparently love a duopoly democracy that they alone can control will become dinosaurs if they don't change with the times.

True democracy tries to encourage a wider participation by the people, for the people, that is democracy.

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