14 May 2015

Will Treasury officials be interrogated about the Abbott government's second budget by chief economists. No, Abbott and Hockey won't allow it, why, is there something to hide?.

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Trust is easy to loose and very hard to regain, if the people perceive that a government is being dishonest as they did after the last budget the government will pay the price.

Now we have a new budget, much of what is promised won't happen until 2017, given their track record of back flips, how much of what is promised will really eventuate.

This government's last budget showed us how they would like to treat voters if given the the chance.

Who's to say they don't still have those yearnings to bash us all around the ears and look after their real mates. This is politics, its all about remaining in power and promises are the first casualty.

Has this government learnt anything, apparently not, if this is their first shot at the new open honest government.

Treasury officials will not be interrogated about the Abbott government's much-anticipated second budget this year by Australia's chief economists. This is major break with tradition, what have they to hide?

The Australian Business Economists' annual post-budget lunch, at which the Treasury secretary traditionally delivers a presentation on the budget and the economic outlook for Australia, has been cancelled.

New Treasury secretary broke a 20-year tradition last month by declining an invitation to speak at the traditional post-budget lunch.

It is understood this is the first time in more than two decades that the annual event will not be held.

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