1 Jun 2015

Cardinal George Pell, is he being distanced from the Pope, is he becoming a liability.

Given the position of George Pell has in the church within the Vatican, he could become a thorn in the side of Pope Francis's papacy. Now that the Pope has appointed his own investigator, is this just the first of the rungs of the ladder George Pell has climbed being removed.

The Cardinal must come home to give evidence, even if it is only to clear his name.

It seems he was dismissive of and dealt heartlessly with victims and their families.

His past history on this matter has been abysmal, it was apparent right from the beginning that he aimed to protect the church, many times he appears to have dismissed the victims complaints as mere fantasy.

I am not suggesting that he has broken the law but he has broken with his faith, protect the little children should have been of more importance than protecting the churches reputation.

This man should no longer be a Cardinal if the allegations are true, nor should he have our respect, he has acted like a ruthless businessman, protecting the company ahead of everything else.

His friends, including Tony Abbott have been mesmerised by his position in the church, they apparently never recognised him as one a who may have lost sight of his real calling.

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