16 Jun 2015

Tony Abbott or "King Tony", does not acknowledge the Magna Carta's existance.

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Answerable only to god on Judgement Day

 What is Magna Carta's greatest achievement?  Is it being ignored in Australia.
It placed the king under the law.
"No ifs and buts, it did that.
"The king's view was that the king is above the law,(a bit like our PM)he derived his authority to rule from God, he was answerable only to God and then, of course, only on the Day of Judgement; he was not answerable to you lot, the hoi polloi.(otherwise known as servants or today, the voters)
"The other view, of the theologians, was that the king was below the law, the law was natural law, it was God's law. And if it was God's law, then the king must be below it; he must obey the law himself, as well as enforce it.

Our present king(Tony Abbott) obviously goes along with things as they were before the Magna Carta.
"Those were the two rival points of view. In England, Magna Carta settled that debate once and for all."

This is not so in Australia, because our present leader still lives in the past, in pre-Magna Carta times. As the Omnipotent one he is above the law, not like us mere mortals, his government is also above the law because he says so.

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