26 Jul 2015

England's parliament is becoming a laughing stock. Oh Lordy, Lordy they multiply like rabbits.

This is a Mad Hatters party of huge proportions.

'Lords and Lords are everywhere but nowhere left to seat'.

House of Lords is already short of seating due to the number of peers, the number of peers in the UK is only outnumbered by China's National People’s Congress.

A different system maybe, however they have approx 1,5 billion people. Why on earth does the UK need so many apparent hangers on. Surely a cull is required, in Australia we even cull our beloved kangaroos.

I'm sure that many peers in the UK parliament are not held in such high regard.

There are more than 820 members of the House of Lords, up from 666 in 1999 when most hereditary peers were removed. However the number is set to rise because David Cameron is likely to appoint more Conservative peers this summer.(He appointed 186 last time)

As the voters are the people that support them financially its about time they the voters made themselves heard and cleared the Lords of dead fish. (Some say there are lords that have passed away and no one noticed)

There is growing concerns that the un-elected chamber was growing while the elected members of Commons is set to shrink from 650 to 600 members in 2020 under a proposal laid out by Mr Cameron.

Is this the sort of democracy British people want, a parliament that is lumbered with such a load of dead weight.

19 Jul 2015

Abbott's wants to bring an end a fair go Australia.

Tony Abbott's wants to bring an end to a the fair go Australia we love.

The Abbott Government does not accept the premise of Egalitarian Australia.The wealthy will take care of you if we give them a bigger slice of the pie(AAP: Mick Tsikas)
He is closing down democratic debate as much as possible, demonising anyone who opposes him, he is leading an assault on being Australian.

This is no game, he it seems is bent on dragging us backward and he is leading the attack with a barrage of of secrecy and slight of hand. Every time he negotiates a deal to pass legislation we find that he's had a rabbit in the hat that sneaks his own agenda through.

Its all about pushing his view that if you give more to the wealthy it will somehow trickle down to the needy, his philosophy seems to imply that it is fine to slug the needy harder because the wealthy who become more wealthy will somehow increase the drip feed to the needy in society.

The principle underpinning 'A Fair Go' Australia is that a nation is not just an economy. Markets, for all their brilliance, do not always work, are not always applicable, and do not in and of themselves have any bearing on wether a society has equality, markets do not care at all. Government therefore has a role in doing what markets can't, that is improving quality of life.

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10 Jul 2015

Australia's Sneaky government threatens hearing for babies. Privatise hearing when its the best in the world. Why? The mighty dollar!

Fears for deaf babies under govt plan

Parents fear care for deaf babies will suffer if government-funded hearing services are sold off.

The government has investigated privatising Australian Hearing but has not released a scoping study the finance department did last year.
Aussie Deaf Kids chief executive Ann Porter told a Senate committee on Friday discovering your newborn was deaf was incredibly challenging and would be more stressful without the support of Australian Hearing.
"I can't tell you how difficult it is to absorb," she said.
"It just leaves you rudderless."
Advocacy group Parents of Deaf Children put in a freedom of information request for the privatisation study but was told most of it was confidential.
The government's May budget deferred the privatisation plans to allow for more community consultation.
At the moment, care for deaf babies in Australia is among the best in the world.
Newborns have their hearing tested before being discharged from hospital and can be given a hearing aid within two weeks, with all services and equipment funded by the government through Australian hearing.
Ms Porter says many mothers end up on anti-depressants after their children's diagnosis.
She's worried privatisation would fragment the system and leave stressed parents with inadequate support.
Deafness Forum of Australia adviser Margaret Dewberry said the private market was untested, producing significant risks for access and quality of care.
Private providers motivated by profits could centralise services, disadvantaging rural and remote patients, or scrap services or equipment deemed expensive or challenging, she said.
Without a sole provider, the treatment process would likely slow down and patients would fall through the gaps.
Australian Hearing told the committee patients were fitted with better devices than they would be in the UK or NZ, at a good price to the government thanks to the organisation's buying power.

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