19 Jul 2015

Abbott's wants to bring an end a fair go Australia.

Tony Abbott's wants to bring an end to a the fair go Australia we love.

The Abbott Government does not accept the premise of Egalitarian Australia.The wealthy will take care of you if we give them a bigger slice of the pie(AAP: Mick Tsikas)
He is closing down democratic debate as much as possible, demonising anyone who opposes him, he is leading an assault on being Australian.

This is no game, he it seems is bent on dragging us backward and he is leading the attack with a barrage of of secrecy and slight of hand. Every time he negotiates a deal to pass legislation we find that he's had a rabbit in the hat that sneaks his own agenda through.

Its all about pushing his view that if you give more to the wealthy it will somehow trickle down to the needy, his philosophy seems to imply that it is fine to slug the needy harder because the wealthy who become more wealthy will somehow increase the drip feed to the needy in society.

The principle underpinning 'A Fair Go' Australia is that a nation is not just an economy. Markets, for all their brilliance, do not always work, are not always applicable, and do not in and of themselves have any bearing on wether a society has equality, markets do not care at all. Government therefore has a role in doing what markets can't, that is improving quality of life.

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