26 Jul 2015

England's parliament is becoming a laughing stock. Oh Lordy, Lordy they multiply like rabbits.

This is a Mad Hatters party of huge proportions.

'Lords and Lords are everywhere but nowhere left to seat'.

House of Lords is already short of seating due to the number of peers, the number of peers in the UK is only outnumbered by China's National People’s Congress.

A different system maybe, however they have approx 1,5 billion people. Why on earth does the UK need so many apparent hangers on. Surely a cull is required, in Australia we even cull our beloved kangaroos.

I'm sure that many peers in the UK parliament are not held in such high regard.

There are more than 820 members of the House of Lords, up from 666 in 1999 when most hereditary peers were removed. However the number is set to rise because David Cameron is likely to appoint more Conservative peers this summer.(He appointed 186 last time)

As the voters are the people that support them financially its about time they the voters made themselves heard and cleared the Lords of dead fish. (Some say there are lords that have passed away and no one noticed)

There is growing concerns that the un-elected chamber was growing while the elected members of Commons is set to shrink from 650 to 600 members in 2020 under a proposal laid out by Mr Cameron.

Is this the sort of democracy British people want, a parliament that is lumbered with such a load of dead weight.

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