31 Aug 2015

Surplus in sight.Huge government savings coming from tea, coffee and milk.

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"A new government policy"
Based on an article by Noel Towel
Government cracks down on tea and coffee.
How to win the hearts and minds of your employees?

A cup of tea or coffee for a public servants is no longer considered "business catering" at Industry Department.


"The following examples are not considered appropriate, and would be a personal expense: coffee, tea and sugar supplies purchased for use by departmental officials (e.g. for the department's conference/meeting/training rooms or kitchenettes)" the instructions state.

"This excludes the provision of milk."

But coffee beans for departmental issued coffee machines for use by departmental officials are considered "business catering" and will be paid for out of official funds.

Cups of tea for volunteers who work for free at the national science exhibition centre Questacon are also safe from the bean counters, the guidance makes clear.

But coffee and tea at team meetings at cafes also make the banned list, along with gifts for public servants moving on or retiring from the department and pot plants or flowers for the office come under the heading "personal decorations" and are not to be billed to the taxpayer.

There are rumours that departments should investigate pay as you go toilets. Urinals which could be connected to the flush system to determine how much water is used.
This could be deducted from peoples wages, also BYO toilet paper should be considered.

How much will they save?????????

30 Aug 2015

No one read it says Dutton, Abbott says I no nothing. Border Force fiasco!

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Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed his office was sent a copy of a media release about a controversial Border Force operation, but no one read it.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Tony Abbott has distanced himself from the cancelled Australian Border Force operation, saying he had no prior knowledge of it.

A spokesman says the document was not read because it was regarded as "routine'' and the Minister was never informed.

The Minister's office says the information provided indicated the operation was low-level.

The Government insists there was never any intention for Border Force officers to do random visa checks on the streets.

Mr Abbott blames agency, "they obviously made a mistake by issuing a poorly worded and over-the-top news release."

Was it a really a mistake or was an attention grabbing headline the government wanted, to show how proactive the Border Force could be.

Considering the number of blunders this government has made it would not be a surprise.

This smells of another gun ho Abbott creation.

29 Aug 2015

People's loved ones override their wish to donate their organs.About time this was fixed!

More than 100 desperate patients miss out on organ donations due to family veto.

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Let us give a life to others.

Based on an article by Julia Medew

Australia should scrap its policy of allowing family members to override a person's decision to donate their organs when they die.

Up to 150 Australians a year are missing out on potentially life saving organ donations, people's loved ones continue to override their wish to donate.

Australia's Organ and Tissue Authority's Helen Opdam said about 12 to 15 registered organ donors did not become donors each year because a family member or friend objected to the process in hospital.

One organ donor can save up to 10 lives, depending on how many of their organs are suitable to be transplanted. There are about 1600 people on the waiting list for an organ at any given time.

The "family veto" rendered the Australian Organ Donation Register meaningless in practice, with up to 50 per cent of families saying no to a donation request.

The donation decisions of individuals should be legally protected – just as decisions about other aspects of end-of-life care, when expressed through an advance care directive, or a will, are.

Family members, who are emotionally distraught, who do not share an individuals philosophical or religious views, should not be able to ride roughshod over an individuals previously expressed wish to donate.

They are failing to respect the deceased wishes and prevent life-saving transplantations from taking place.

This situation is ridiculous and should be remedied as soon as possible, let's see some action.

28 Aug 2015

A black eye for the Abbott's StormTroopers as they trash rights of people not to be intimidated by police.

Based on an article by Mark Kenny

A black eye for the Abbott government by association.

Operation Ineptitude - its official name having been "Operation Fortitude" - was an ill-conceived debacle from start to... well, to its inevitable abandonment.

For the Abbott government, which has lately elevated "community safety" to holy trinity status, the overreach of the Australian Border Force's adolescent excursion into police-state theatrics, could be seen as the natural extension of Coalition rhetoric and bungling.

Government insiders in unrelated portfolios were aghast on Friday amid suspicions of a "gung ho" culture fostered among immigration and border staff by their ex-detective minister, Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott.

The irony is that in its uniformed zeal, the Australian Border Force was prepared to protect Australian borders, while trashing Australian values such as the right to move about unhindered without undue scrutiny or the use of arbitrary power.

OZ Storm Troopers?

27 Aug 2015

Has Abbott contacted Dyson and pressured him to stay.

Why is Abbott commenting on Heydon's decision at this stage? Does he know already, or is he having another foot in mouth moment?

Tony Abbott says Whatever decision Dyson Heydon makes about his future as royal commissioner should be respected, .
The prime minister insists the inquiry into trade union corruption will continue even if Mr Heydon disqualifies himself on Friday over perceived bias.
"I'm not going to pre-empt the decision ... other than to say he is a man of the most profound integrity and, whichever decision he makes, will be a decision which ought to be respected by the Australian community," Mr Abbott told reporters in Injinoo, Queensland today.

Abbott's smoke and mirrors women.

Placement makes Abbott look good.
What you see can be misleading
Your TV is misleading you. Women still have too small a say in the running of this country and that needs to change, say equality campaigners.
The most commonly televised view of the government benches during Question Time.
When you watch Question Time it may look like Australian parliament is brimming with female politicians.
But looks can be deceiving. While the PM has four women surrounding him, this is a result of a carefully chosen seating plan and not over-representation, or even equal representation, of women on the government benches.

'Senior moments' awareness a 'good sign' | SBS News

I can't remember what I'm about to write about, a seniors moment, thank thank heavens that makes me normal.

'Senior moments' awareness a 'good sign' | SBS News:

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24 Aug 2015

Hockey's tax cuts.How does he pay for it????

Tongue in cheek Hockey promises tax cuts?

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Where do I get it?Mmmmmm.
If there is an election coming. Promise them anything to get elected.

23 Aug 2015

Australian dunny tax? Yes it could happen if the gov't doesn't do it the multinationals will.

This could be coming to a dunny near you, beware Australia!

Based n an article by Jeff Sparrow
‘Marx insisted an alternative to capitalism must be based on the innovations that capitalism has made possible – or else, he warned, “the old crap would revive”.Photograph: Tristram Kenton for the Guardian

Meet Looie: it’s like Uber you no the not taxi people, but this is for bodily functions. Looie is a new app that promises you access (for a fee, naturally) to private toilets, all of which have been certified for hygiene and cleanliness.

“You’re getting a consistent, amazing experience all the time,” explained Looie founder Yezin Al-Qaysi earlier this year. “You won’t have to flush because now its automatic.”
Reacting to the poor offering of public amenities, they are filling the gap where government provisions fail

Whether this particular venture will take off is anyone’s guess. The Looie website now seems ominously quiet. But even if Al-Qaysi’s project proves a busted flush that is flushed away quickly, the concept’s an obvious application of the logic behind the so-called “sharing economy”, where digital technology gets fused with user-pays economics so as to marketise personal services.

Toilets have been here before. That history helps us think about the contradictory nature of the sharing economy.

Aaron Gordon explains how, in the early years of the 20th century, American train stations often featured the only modern plumbing in town.
To keep the public out of its privies, rail magnates took to restricting access, first with a key and later via coin-operated locks. The technology quickly spread, as other corporations seized the chance to make big money from the littlest room.

On the one hand, Uber is wildly popular, on the verge of world domination. On the other, a backlash is mounting too, with (sometimes quite violent) protests against Uber in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, Milan, Mexico City and London.
1970, America had over 50,000 pay toilets, scattered throughout airports, bus depots and other public places, how many now is anyone's guess.

A toilet inside a cube made of one-way glass. Is this the future. Photograph: Martin Godwin

The toilet moguls soon found themselves facing off against a grassroots campaign to free the dunnies.

"Pay toilets are unjust infringements on our basic human rights,” they said, The Ceptia activist group formed in 1970. “Elimination is an important body function that must take place, to pay or not to pay is not a question that needs an answer.”

Its publication The Free Toilet Paper, the masthead carried the slogan
“Flush for Freedom”. 

Their anthem insisted: “We’ll work until we know / that toilets are free where-e’er we go / We’ll flush them out! / We’ll wipe them out! / We pledge, O Ceptia!

I have tried to contact Ceptia, so far I have been unsuccessful, I thought the group might have some tactics we could use.
I believe its coming and we must be prepared because Australians love their dunnies, to pay for a crap is crap. Be alert!!!

Hockey blind folds Australian voters. Multinationals told you don't have to disclose tax payments!!!

Coalition once again shows its true colors. 

How, by hiding their mates(the multinationals) real amount of tax they pay.

Based on an article by the ABC.
The week’s parliamentary sittings began with the tabling of a Senate report into big companies that dodge their tax bills.

The report found that billions of dollars are draining offshore through holes in the tax system. It called for better tax transparency to hold companies accountable for shirking their fair share.
What are we doing about the problem, well Joe Hockey, the treasurer, pointed out that a law requiring the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to disclose tax paid by large firms was about to come into effect.

What he didn’t say was that he was about to make the law toothless.

The parliamentary week has ended with the Abbott government introducing a bill to help some of Australia’s biggest companies keep their tax dealings secret.

What does that mean to us, the voters. This means we’ll never know just how much dodging they may be getting away with.

Far from backing better transparency, the Abbott government is actually working to shield huge firms from any public scrutiny.

Chicken Little Abbott and Brandis wrong on 'lawfare'

Chicken Little Abbott and Brandis wrong on 'lawfare':

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15 Aug 2015

Another church shows arrogance to Royal Commission on Abuse, UNBELIEVABLE

Senior Jehovah's Witness Jackson says church might
 offer compensation to alleged abuse victims

Taken from an article by Rachel Browne

One of the most senior members of the Jehovah's Witness Church worldwide said compensation could be made to people allegedly sexually abused within its ranks if there was a Biblical basis for a redress scheme.

Geoffrey Jackson is one of seven men on the church's New York-based Governing Body, which oversees decisions regarding the organisation's 8.2 million members internationally.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse issued a summons for Mr Jackson, who was in Queensland visiting his sick father.

Appearing via video link from Toowoomba on Friday, Mr Jackson told the royal commission that the church would join a co-ordinated redress schemes for victims of institutional sexual abuse, provided "that nothing was scripturally against us doing that".

In evidence, Mr Jackson said an apology to alleged sex abuse victims was "perceivable".

"We want to treat victims in a loving way," he said.

He told the commission the church would not change a rule which requires alleged sex abuse victims to appear before a committee of male elders.

When asked "Is there a chance to make women elders? No. There is no leeway there," he said.

Mr Jackson told the royal commission the decision was based on immutable Biblical teachings but said women played a "dignified role" in the church.

"We certainly do not want women to feel like second-rate citizens," he said.

"In God's view, men and women are equal. But even people who fly aeroplanes realise you can't fly an aeroplane by committee – there has to be a pilot and a co-pilot. A woman is a co-worker, a complement, the Bible refers to her as."

He said there was no Biblical impediment to women being involved in sexual abuse hearings but, "scripturally, the men make the final decisions".

The royal commission has previously heard evidence from a woman who said she felt uncomfortable describing intimate sexual details before a committee of older men.

"Can you understand how a woman might feel when allegations which she makes of having been sexually assaulted by a male are determined exclusively by men?" royal commission chairman Peter McClellan asked.

Mr Jackson responded: "These elders(males), they are friends of those in the congregation."

The Governing Body would be prepared to bring its teachings in line with contemporary social attitudes if it could be supported by the scriptures, Mr Jackson told the commission.

"We need to take that into consideration but the primary responsibility we have is to think, what does Jehovah God mean by this?" he said.

Mr Jackson told the commission the Governing Body oversees all business regarding "analysing the scriptural basis for decisions" and disseminates its findings through its publications, The Watchtower and Awake!.

The Australian-born Mr Jackson, who has been on the Governing Body for 10 years, described members as the "anointed servants of Jehovah God".

The royal commission is examining how the Jehovah's Witness Church responds to allegations of child sexual abuse.

The commission has heard evidence that church identified more than 1000 alleged child sex abuse perpetrators within its ranks over 60 years but failed to report them to secular authorities.

The Churches seem to have had a belief that they are above the law and after the dust has settled from the Royal Commission one wonders, will have they taken it on board.

Will they just treat it as a hiccough because of their so called Divine right which puts them above the law.

13 Aug 2015

Right leaning newsman trying to infiltrate the ABC board. The Coalition has already stacked the board.

Taken from an article in the Guardian

Steve Harris, who was commissioned by the ABC board to audit ABC journalism, has applied to be a director of the ABC board. When contacted by Weekly Beast, Harris confirmed he had applied for the board role while he was conducting his editorial review of the ABC’s coverage of the higher education reform bill.

We asked Harris if the ABC board was aware he had applied to join its ranks and he said he had disclosed it. “It’s a separate issue,” Harris told Beast. “It’s nothing to do with the ABC.”

Harris said he believed his report was entirely separate from his application and was not a conflict of interest. His application will be considered by the nominations panel which includes two Coalition-appointed members, the Australian’s columnist Janet Albrechtsen and a former Liberal minister, Neil Brown, both of whom have accused the ABC of left-wing bias.

Marks man

Harris’s review was largely favourable. The former newspaper editor studied 54 segments across TV, radio and online which were broadcast in March 2015 and found just two were “unsatisfactory”. The former News Corp and Fairfax Media executive was appointed by the ABC board in April to undertake the review, a paid consultancy for which he will receive about $30,000.

The ABC chairman, Jim Spigelman, is the architect of these editorial audits which he hoped would improve accountability but which are rapidly becoming a stick to beat the ABC with. “As I indicated in launching this process, the ABC has a reputation for strong, original reporting on issues of public importance,” Spigelman said when he released the Harris report. “But good work can always be improved, and these reviews provide fresh perspectives and fresh opportunities to reflect, learn and develop.
This report by respected journalist, editor and publisher Steve Harris is consistent with that thinking.”

Accentuate the negatives

You wouldn’t know the Harris report was largely favourable by reading the Australian on Tuesday.

Its media editor, Sharri Markson, cherry-picked enough that was negative in the report to make a front page story about “Shallow lobbyists at home on ABC” and a big spread inside including an interview with Harris.

The Oz accompanied it with an opinion piece by Harris taken straight from the review and an editorial: “All the slips, accidents and mistakes – miraculously – seem to favour green-left views or, at least, run counter to a right-of-centre world view,” the editorial said."

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12 Aug 2015

Malcolm Turnbull reminded Captain(Bully) Abbott of the disasterous polling under his leadership during the Gay marriage debate.

Abbott is blind to the fact that the majority of Australians support gay marriage according to most if not all opinion polls.
Talking of polls where is the Coalition heading under Abbott, to the bottom and falling fast.
The Coalitions handling of gay marriage is wrought with danger and once again we have Captain(Bully) leading his ship into disaster.
His so called olive branch to those that want a vote on the subject is a REFERENDUM, a referendum, guess what, the wording of such would be decided by him,mmm.......

How generous of him, he knows the likely hood such a referendum passing in favour of equal marriage is nil. He trying to kill it dead, his religious leanings over ride common sense. Something he told us he would never let happen on his watch.(Is this yet another broken promise)

Senate leader Eric Abetz opened up a barrage of comments from ministers when he said any minister who did not like the party's position should resign.

That sparked a caustic response from Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

"One thing I did learn as leader is that it's probably best to keep the team together," Mr Turnbull said.
(Inferring that under Abbott this is not happening)

He then stated the bleeding obvious.
"We are eight points behind in Newspoll, 14 points behind in Morgan. Are you seriously saying that having ministers resign would be good for us?"

It is understood Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg then quoted the party’s founder Robert Menzies in a passionate speech supporting a free vote.

Senator Arthur Sinodinos told colleagues he could not look a gay person in the eye and "tell them they're the son of a lesser god".

This is true togetherness according to Abbott.

11 Aug 2015

Beware the Tax man:- Yes, parliamentarians, tax'em just like us mere voters, that'll fix the expenses problem. Easy peasey !!!

They should be like everyone else.
Let the ATO sort out expenses.
Image result for the tax man cometh cartoon
Taken from an article by Chris Berg

A few years ago my IPA colleague Sinclair Davidson spelled out in The Australian an alternative model for dealing with expenses. Politicians should be well paid - probably a lot better than they are now. But once they've received that lump sum, they should pay their expenses themselves, just like any independent contractor would.

Those expenses - not "entitlements", expenses - would then be treated as work-related deductions. Under that model, if Bronwyn Bishop wanted a helicopter ride she would have declared it not to parliament but to the Australian Taxation Office in her 2014-15 return.

(Ministers' expenses - who actually are employees of the government - would be strictly controlled but covered in the same way employees have their expenses covered.)

This model has many advantages over the present system.

First, it would keep expenses in check. It's easy to be loose with taxpayers' money. It's harder to be loose with your own.

Second, it avoids the interminable debate about what counts as parliamentary or political expenses. Either way, it all constitutes work-related expenses for tax purposes.

Third, it leaves subjective questions of whether spending is extravagant to the politicians themselves. Bishop wants a helicopter? Up to her.

Fourth, it leaves the question of what constitutes work-related to the tax office. I said politics is a weird job but it is not so weird that the ATO wouldn't be able to handle these questions. They have a lot of experience here. Anyway, we're at the mercy of the tax office. Our representatives should be too.

5 Aug 2015

Abbott said just give me another 6 months...times up and your still stuffing things up buddy.

Image result for danger mouth
Six months ago, Abbott pleaded for more time?

Abbott pleaded for more time – just another six months or so – he promised that there would be no more stuff-ups, he could turn the polls around, and at least we'd have better government, henceforth that would be the order of the day.

“Good government starts today”, he said, before later clarifying that good government apparently "starts every day"?

Well the six months of Abbott’s own self-declared “probation” are now up and we have just witnessed a stuff-up of gold medal proportions.
It is difficult to see how any reasonably intelligent member of his Government or the electorate would not conclude that the man is not up to the job.

He just doesn’t have the character, he is an embarrassment, he hasn't the temperament, or the competence for the job of PM.
His foreign appearances have encouraged some of my friends in the EU to make jokes about him.
It is now abundantly evident he just hasn't got it.

There are so many aspects of the Choppergate fiasco worthy of comment although it is difficult to know where to begin.

There is the nonsense that whatever his faults, an endearing quality of the Prime Minister is that he is inordinately loyal to his friends. 
This claim is laughable. Yes, he has a scale of loyalty. It is obvious that he puts loyalty to his party above loyalty to the country.

It is also obvious that he puts loyalty to his friends – even odious ones like Bishop – above loyalty to his party.
Its equally obvious that he puts loyalty to himself above all else, including his friends.

Bishop was dropped as soon as the pressure started to focus on Abbott(himself) rather than her.

She was disposed of on the same day that the Murdoch tabloids turned their attention towards ridiculing Abbott and not just Bishop.

This guy is all about personal power, his Captain's calls were about power, they weren't about doing good for the party. Nothing seems to be well thought out, there was no consultation. His mouth explodes without pulling the pin, it is altogether frightening to watch. 

Australians risk getting caught up in laws to strip citizenship. Yes this bill is downright dangerouse!

This bill is nothing more than a scatter gun approach to legislation, it has obviously been hastily drawn up and will not withstand a challenge in court.
Based on an article by Gabrielle Chan

Constitutional lawyer George Williams has described the Abbott government’s bill to strip citizenship from dual nationals as “one of the most poorly drafted” he has seen and warned it would catch many Australians who have “nothing to do with terrorism”.

Things that could result in stripping citizenship under this poorly drafted bill:
  1. A business person travelling to declared area to conduct “innocent business”.
  2. People who incite violence against other groups on the basis of race, such as those involved in the Cronulla riots.
  3. People who train others, even if they are unaware how the skills are used, such as computer teachers.
  4. The Red Cross or other charities providing humanitarian assistance in war zones.
  5. Those involved in minor property crimes such as graffiti artists or protestors “sitting in” on commonwealth property.

Our preferred esteemed leader is likely to be "DON'T KNOW"

Image result for boring politician cartoon
Our leaders need love and they ain't getting love.
Why, is it because they are both "Richard Heads"
Based on an article by Peter Lewis

It's official. "Don't Know" is emerging as our preferred national leader, outstripping all candidates on the Labor side and just behind Malcolm Turnbull with Coalition voters.

So if the "Don't Knows" were to team up with the"Someone Else's" they would be an unbeatable duo on both sides of the house.

The low regard our current leaders experience is not breathtaking news. Since Rudd's popularity went south in early 2010 no leader has managed to secure majority approval from the voting public.

Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten are labouring with disapproval rates much higher than their approval ratings.

This week's Essential Report shows that both the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader are struggling to secure any sort of approval, let alone love, as leaders of their own parties.

Its all about charisma and these guys have had the operation performed as soon as they became leaders, now these guys just don't have it, they just don't connect with us the voters.
Were they always like that, probably, however it has a lot to do with our parliamentary system and how it has evolved, it is now a low life slanging match in the house and nothing but sanitised speak outside the house.

Do I have optimism about suddenly finding a gem hidden among this mediocre lot I'm afraid not, one can but hope.

3 Aug 2015

The media must rethink coverage of terrorism!

Terrorism is everywhere on TV stations, newspapers and the radio. We also know that terrorists need media coverage to spread their message, create fear and recruit followers.

Terrorist organisations receive extensive media attention,” “Whether it is the Taliban, al-Qaida, Boko Haram or, recently, Isis. 
However, until now we did not know whether media attention actively encourages terrorist attacks. This paper derives an empirical methodology to provide an answer to that question.”
Comparing headline-grabbing terrorist attacks with those that occurred during a bigger story, such as a natural disaster, and found a clear link between the number of articles devoted to the initial terrorist incident and the number of follow-up attacks over the next few weeks.

Therefor it is obvious that this saturation of stories about terrorist attacks is feeding and fueling these organisations, it is about time the media collectively tries to contain there coverage.


Bishop gone, Abbott doesn't acknowledge her fault and blames system.

Tony Abbott missed his chance to kill this story weeks ago and now he has egg all over his face. 
His arrogance and his belief that his side is born to rule blinds him to what real people expect of him as Prime Minister.

Based on an article by Paul Bungiorno

Mrs Bishop apparently believes she, as a member of the born to rule party she is entitled to any luxury she deems appropriate.

Not that you would get a whiff of this reality from the Prime Minister’s performance at a press conference announcing the news. You would think that a national hero had done the unselfish thing for the good of us all. A martyr to the institution had been forced from office to save its good name.(what a load of rubbish)

Spare me.

Any way that certainly was the way the delusional member for Mackellar framed it in her farewell statement.

“I have not taken this decision lightly, however it is because of my love and respect for the institution of parliament and the Australian people that I have resigned as Speaker.”

This would be from the same person who trashed even the pretence of a Speaker being an impartial guardian of the parliament’s reputation as the expression of our democracy. Not the Liberal Party’s good name, but the parliament’s.

Close to 400 Labor MPs were evicted. A record.
Catcalling or interjections from the government side ignored. The standing orders on strict relevance in answers was ignored for ministers.

PM John Howard used to say, you can’t legislate to make dishonest people obey the rules. 

The sheer scale of Bronwyn Bishop’s pushing of the envelope was breathtaking.
I wonder what the people in her electorate think of her blatant treatment of her entitlements when some of these same people are struggling to make ends meet.

This is an indictment of the PM and his so called captains call in placing her in the speakers chair without consulting his colleagues.

Parliament has become a play thing for Mrs Bishop and she has turned it into pantomime, a game of numbers, how many will fall foul of the wicked witch in each session.

It would be funny if it were just a childish game but this is no game this is our parliament.

2 Aug 2015

Bishop shows no contrition! No B.Bishop and no Knights, things are looking up.

Bishop Gone thank heavens, we now might find a real speaker, it is long over due.

Mrs Bishop did not show real contrition when resigning her position, instead saying only that it was for the institution. She never mentioned the electors she serves just the institution.When will we be free of special entitlement for MP's of all ilks.

Mrs Bishop said in a statement that she had tendered her resignation to the Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

“I have not taken this decision lightly, however it is because of my love and respect for the institution of the parliament and the Australian people that I have resigned as Speaker,” she said.

“I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Mackellar as their local member, the job that has always been my first responsibility despite other positions I have held within the parliament.

Tony Abbott could not even place blame, instead he blamed the the system, not the person.