28 Aug 2015

A black eye for the Abbott's StormTroopers as they trash rights of people not to be intimidated by police.

Based on an article by Mark Kenny

A black eye for the Abbott government by association.

Operation Ineptitude - its official name having been "Operation Fortitude" - was an ill-conceived debacle from start to... well, to its inevitable abandonment.

For the Abbott government, which has lately elevated "community safety" to holy trinity status, the overreach of the Australian Border Force's adolescent excursion into police-state theatrics, could be seen as the natural extension of Coalition rhetoric and bungling.

Government insiders in unrelated portfolios were aghast on Friday amid suspicions of a "gung ho" culture fostered among immigration and border staff by their ex-detective minister, Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott.

The irony is that in its uniformed zeal, the Australian Border Force was prepared to protect Australian borders, while trashing Australian values such as the right to move about unhindered without undue scrutiny or the use of arbitrary power.

OZ Storm Troopers?

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