5 Aug 2015

Abbott said just give me another 6 months...times up and your still stuffing things up buddy.

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Six months ago, Abbott pleaded for more time?

Abbott pleaded for more time – just another six months or so – he promised that there would be no more stuff-ups, he could turn the polls around, and at least we'd have better government, henceforth that would be the order of the day.

“Good government starts today”, he said, before later clarifying that good government apparently "starts every day"?

Well the six months of Abbott’s own self-declared “probation” are now up and we have just witnessed a stuff-up of gold medal proportions.
It is difficult to see how any reasonably intelligent member of his Government or the electorate would not conclude that the man is not up to the job.

He just doesn’t have the character, he is an embarrassment, he hasn't the temperament, or the competence for the job of PM.
His foreign appearances have encouraged some of my friends in the EU to make jokes about him.
It is now abundantly evident he just hasn't got it.

There are so many aspects of the Choppergate fiasco worthy of comment although it is difficult to know where to begin.

There is the nonsense that whatever his faults, an endearing quality of the Prime Minister is that he is inordinately loyal to his friends. 
This claim is laughable. Yes, he has a scale of loyalty. It is obvious that he puts loyalty to his party above loyalty to the country.

It is also obvious that he puts loyalty to his friends – even odious ones like Bishop – above loyalty to his party.
Its equally obvious that he puts loyalty to himself above all else, including his friends.

Bishop was dropped as soon as the pressure started to focus on Abbott(himself) rather than her.

She was disposed of on the same day that the Murdoch tabloids turned their attention towards ridiculing Abbott and not just Bishop.

This guy is all about personal power, his Captain's calls were about power, they weren't about doing good for the party. Nothing seems to be well thought out, there was no consultation. His mouth explodes without pulling the pin, it is altogether frightening to watch. 

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