5 Aug 2015

Australians risk getting caught up in laws to strip citizenship. Yes this bill is downright dangerouse!

This bill is nothing more than a scatter gun approach to legislation, it has obviously been hastily drawn up and will not withstand a challenge in court.
Based on an article by Gabrielle Chan

Constitutional lawyer George Williams has described the Abbott government’s bill to strip citizenship from dual nationals as “one of the most poorly drafted” he has seen and warned it would catch many Australians who have “nothing to do with terrorism”.

Things that could result in stripping citizenship under this poorly drafted bill:
  1. A business person travelling to declared area to conduct “innocent business”.
  2. People who incite violence against other groups on the basis of race, such as those involved in the Cronulla riots.
  3. People who train others, even if they are unaware how the skills are used, such as computer teachers.
  4. The Red Cross or other charities providing humanitarian assistance in war zones.
  5. Those involved in minor property crimes such as graffiti artists or protestors “sitting in” on commonwealth property.

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