3 Aug 2015

Bishop gone, Abbott doesn't acknowledge her fault and blames system.

Tony Abbott missed his chance to kill this story weeks ago and now he has egg all over his face. 
His arrogance and his belief that his side is born to rule blinds him to what real people expect of him as Prime Minister.

Based on an article by Paul Bungiorno

Mrs Bishop apparently believes she, as a member of the born to rule party she is entitled to any luxury she deems appropriate.

Not that you would get a whiff of this reality from the Prime Minister’s performance at a press conference announcing the news. You would think that a national hero had done the unselfish thing for the good of us all. A martyr to the institution had been forced from office to save its good name.(what a load of rubbish)

Spare me.

Any way that certainly was the way the delusional member for Mackellar framed it in her farewell statement.

“I have not taken this decision lightly, however it is because of my love and respect for the institution of parliament and the Australian people that I have resigned as Speaker.”

This would be from the same person who trashed even the pretence of a Speaker being an impartial guardian of the parliament’s reputation as the expression of our democracy. Not the Liberal Party’s good name, but the parliament’s.

Close to 400 Labor MPs were evicted. A record.
Catcalling or interjections from the government side ignored. The standing orders on strict relevance in answers was ignored for ministers.

PM John Howard used to say, you can’t legislate to make dishonest people obey the rules. 

The sheer scale of Bronwyn Bishop’s pushing of the envelope was breathtaking.
I wonder what the people in her electorate think of her blatant treatment of her entitlements when some of these same people are struggling to make ends meet.

This is an indictment of the PM and his so called captains call in placing her in the speakers chair without consulting his colleagues.

Parliament has become a play thing for Mrs Bishop and she has turned it into pantomime, a game of numbers, how many will fall foul of the wicked witch in each session.

It would be funny if it were just a childish game but this is no game this is our parliament.

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