23 Aug 2015

Hockey blind folds Australian voters. Multinationals told you don't have to disclose tax payments!!!

Coalition once again shows its true colors. 

How, by hiding their mates(the multinationals) real amount of tax they pay.

Based on an article by the ABC.
The week’s parliamentary sittings began with the tabling of a Senate report into big companies that dodge their tax bills.

The report found that billions of dollars are draining offshore through holes in the tax system. It called for better tax transparency to hold companies accountable for shirking their fair share.
What are we doing about the problem, well Joe Hockey, the treasurer, pointed out that a law requiring the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to disclose tax paid by large firms was about to come into effect.

What he didn’t say was that he was about to make the law toothless.

The parliamentary week has ended with the Abbott government introducing a bill to help some of Australia’s biggest companies keep their tax dealings secret.

What does that mean to us, the voters. This means we’ll never know just how much dodging they may be getting away with.

Far from backing better transparency, the Abbott government is actually working to shield huge firms from any public scrutiny.

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