12 Aug 2015

Malcolm Turnbull reminded Captain(Bully) Abbott of the disasterous polling under his leadership during the Gay marriage debate.

Abbott is blind to the fact that the majority of Australians support gay marriage according to most if not all opinion polls.
Talking of polls where is the Coalition heading under Abbott, to the bottom and falling fast.
The Coalitions handling of gay marriage is wrought with danger and once again we have Captain(Bully) leading his ship into disaster.
His so called olive branch to those that want a vote on the subject is a REFERENDUM, a referendum, guess what, the wording of such would be decided by him,mmm.......

How generous of him, he knows the likely hood such a referendum passing in favour of equal marriage is nil. He trying to kill it dead, his religious leanings over ride common sense. Something he told us he would never let happen on his watch.(Is this yet another broken promise)

Senate leader Eric Abetz opened up a barrage of comments from ministers when he said any minister who did not like the party's position should resign.

That sparked a caustic response from Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

"One thing I did learn as leader is that it's probably best to keep the team together," Mr Turnbull said.
(Inferring that under Abbott this is not happening)

He then stated the bleeding obvious.
"We are eight points behind in Newspoll, 14 points behind in Morgan. Are you seriously saying that having ministers resign would be good for us?"

It is understood Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg then quoted the party’s founder Robert Menzies in a passionate speech supporting a free vote.

Senator Arthur Sinodinos told colleagues he could not look a gay person in the eye and "tell them they're the son of a lesser god".

This is true togetherness according to Abbott.

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