30 Aug 2015

No one read it says Dutton, Abbott says I no nothing. Border Force fiasco!

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Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed his office was sent a copy of a media release about a controversial Border Force operation, but no one read it.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Tony Abbott has distanced himself from the cancelled Australian Border Force operation, saying he had no prior knowledge of it.

A spokesman says the document was not read because it was regarded as "routine'' and the Minister was never informed.

The Minister's office says the information provided indicated the operation was low-level.

The Government insists there was never any intention for Border Force officers to do random visa checks on the streets.

Mr Abbott blames agency, "they obviously made a mistake by issuing a poorly worded and over-the-top news release."

Was it a really a mistake or was an attention grabbing headline the government wanted, to show how proactive the Border Force could be.

Considering the number of blunders this government has made it would not be a surprise.

This smells of another gun ho Abbott creation.

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