5 Aug 2015

Our preferred esteemed leader is likely to be "DON'T KNOW"

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Our leaders need love and they ain't getting love.
Why, is it because they are both "Richard Heads"
Based on an article by Peter Lewis

It's official. "Don't Know" is emerging as our preferred national leader, outstripping all candidates on the Labor side and just behind Malcolm Turnbull with Coalition voters.

So if the "Don't Knows" were to team up with the"Someone Else's" they would be an unbeatable duo on both sides of the house.

The low regard our current leaders experience is not breathtaking news. Since Rudd's popularity went south in early 2010 no leader has managed to secure majority approval from the voting public.

Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten are labouring with disapproval rates much higher than their approval ratings.

This week's Essential Report shows that both the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader are struggling to secure any sort of approval, let alone love, as leaders of their own parties.

Its all about charisma and these guys have had the operation performed as soon as they became leaders, now these guys just don't have it, they just don't connect with us the voters.
Were they always like that, probably, however it has a lot to do with our parliamentary system and how it has evolved, it is now a low life slanging match in the house and nothing but sanitised speak outside the house.

Do I have optimism about suddenly finding a gem hidden among this mediocre lot I'm afraid not, one can but hope.

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