3 Aug 2015

The media must rethink coverage of terrorism!

Terrorism is everywhere on TV stations, newspapers and the radio. We also know that terrorists need media coverage to spread their message, create fear and recruit followers.

Terrorist organisations receive extensive media attention,” “Whether it is the Taliban, al-Qaida, Boko Haram or, recently, Isis. 
However, until now we did not know whether media attention actively encourages terrorist attacks. This paper derives an empirical methodology to provide an answer to that question.”
Comparing headline-grabbing terrorist attacks with those that occurred during a bigger story, such as a natural disaster, and found a clear link between the number of articles devoted to the initial terrorist incident and the number of follow-up attacks over the next few weeks.

Therefor it is obvious that this saturation of stories about terrorist attacks is feeding and fueling these organisations, it is about time the media collectively tries to contain there coverage.


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