27 Sept 2015

Government says its just a 'Spring clean'.However most of the possible cuts to medical procedures will hurt the elderly most!

Medical tests and procedures subsidised by Medicare could face severe cuts, with the Federal Government carrying out a "spring clean" of the entire system.

There is concern that invasive procedures such as knee arthroscopies(knee joint examination) and tonsillectomies are being ordered unnecessarily or for the wrong people.

Health Minister Sussan Ley says,

"There are examples that see too many procedures for a particular cohort of patients with little evidence of benefit," Ms Ley said.

I wonder if this cohort consists mainly of the elderly.

Some examples of procedures being looked at.

"Lower back pain — a lot of people with lower back pain get sent for a barrage of scans, when really, the evidence is telling us now that physiotherapy and exercise are probably the first line of treatment."

Other services flagged for review include bone mineral density testing for older people, especially those over age 70, and colonoscopies.

The review began earlier this year and is being carried out by working groups of doctors and medical experts across the country.

Ms Ley said, "Only patients know if they actually benefit from what happens and get better or whether they are unwell and incapacitated for a long time for no real improvement."

The Health Department is apparently after feedback
 from the public about their experience as patients.

How do we participate, your guess is as good as mine, lets hope they don't forget and just invent consultation like the last PM.

Anyway I'm optimistic this time around.
I am urging people to participate, maybe under the new PM we might be listened to. I hope!

22 Sept 2015

Malcolm Turnbull, I wish him well and I don't vote for him.

Thank god something was done about Tony Abbott he was an embarrassment to us all, I'm afraid he'll never get a knight hood.
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Well we've got the Malcolm the everyone wanted, of course we don't know if he is the Malcolm we really want until he shows us his real face.

We have all seen his style already, he's likable and appears friendly, but is there another side lurking in the background. We'll have to wait and see.

As for the future, he's got a hell of a job in front of him, trying to balance the extreme right wing with the small "L" liberals.
Yes if he wants to succeed he has to do just that, the recent past has shown us that using a sledge hammer to push through ideas is sheer stupidity. He's got to attack the big jobs bit by bit, just like you would eat an elephant "slowly". If he can manage to provide a plan with foresight and equity that is salable in the long term he could be there for a long time.

Bill Shorten has a real fight on his hands, is he up to it, I think so, who'll win the contest. Whoever has the best middle road plan and who is the best salesman. We've yet to see which of these lads can play the cleverest game.

One thing is for sure, politics in Australia has just become a lot more interesting.

16 Sept 2015

The brilliant mind of Queensland senator Ian Macdonald

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Based on an article by Melissa Davey
The Liberal senator Ian Macdonald has said children are being “brainwashed” by education campaigns urging Australians to take action on climate change, describing the political debate about how to tackle it as “puerile”.

“The children of Australia have been brainwashed into thinking if you turn off a light in Australia, somehow that is going to stop climate change,” the Queensland senator told parliament on Wednesday.“This is a puerile debate in its extreme," said he.

This guy was elected to the senate? Brain washing, what happened to his brain it seems to have gone missing.

13 Sept 2015

Could the Australian political parties learn from result for Jeremy Corbyn in England.

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"I found the core values".
His promise to fight for a more tolerant and inclusive Britain - and to tackle multinationals and the levels of inequality in society.

If this were espoused  by Labor in OZ , would it be welcomed, I think the answer would be yes.
In Australia there is no serious discussion on these subjects.

In Australia and England the distance between the opposing parties has closed, the move away from their core principles has turned the cut of their cloth into tissue paper. The multinationals and bankers are the suppliers of the cloth these days and they decide how it is cut.

People are fed up with the both parties, their parliamentary behaviour together with blindness to the inequality, injustice and unnecessary poverty. That's why these issues have brought people together in a spirit of hope and optimism.

Young Britons are not apathetic about politics, they are are showing instead that they are a very political generation, a generation that were turned off by the way in which politics was being conducted they wanted to change that.

Awakening the traditional values of Labour such as housing, the economy and people's working rights and Values, that's what  the young people want to hear.
It will be a probably be impossible task to take these values to fruition it will be a tough road to hoe. First they have to win a general election.

It is interesting to see that Jeremy Corbyn seems to have been able to tease the core values out of the mire.

I wouldn't suggest for one minute that I agree with everything he says but it is refreshing to hear a different voice, an alternative message saying that it doesn't need to be like this. It could be a kinder world that works for everyone, not just a self-serving few.

The likely hood of Jeremy Corbyn winning the next election is slim, in the meanwhile the political pundits will love Jeremy, he has provided them with a rather large target.

Perhaps what's happened is bit of a wake up call for political parties generally.

The voters, particularly the young, today they will punish parties that ignore fairness and let inequality become too obvious. This is true for England and I'm sure it will be the same for the young in Australia.

Meanwhile in Australia we have a zoo(parliament house) with the participants hurling muck at one another, blaming each other for everything that doesn't work. 
As for core values, well, I give up I haven't heard one mentioned for quite some time and I'm not holding my breath.(Whitlam and Fraser would be disgusted)

11 Sept 2015

A reshuffle to avoid another "near death"

Is Tony Abbott about to do reshuffle to stack cabinet with his supporters in case there's another "near death" experience possible.

Based on an article by James Massola.
Abbott government ministers must "get on with our jobs" and forget any talk of a sweeping frontbench reshuffle says Abbott backer Christopher Pyne.

There up to half a dozen ministers who are not welded on Abbott supporters who would be the possible loosers by December.

Talk of a reshuffle has arisen just eight days before the critical Canning by election is held. This reinforces the idea that Tony Abbott is trying to cover his arse in case of a challenge.

The Prime Minister has long planned an end of year ministerial shake-up and bringing forward such a move could assist in heading off a another "near death" event. This is not about what's best for the Coalition, it all about Abbott's survival.

Should a reshuffle take place its main purpose will be to shore up the PM in the face terrible polls, even his pet media is coming out with derogatory remarks.

Self interest is the driver and behind the wheel is Tony Abbott.

Surely the Coalition has an alternative leader that won't cause Australians embarrassment every time he opens his mouth.

We have even had respected overseas newspapers recently laughing at the PM, their description if him is not flattering.
Abbott wants to stop spot fires in the ranks.

9 Sept 2015

Could you ask this young refugee, are you Christian, is the baby Christian? If he said no, could you deny him help.No, we must help the most needy regardless.

The suggestion by some members of the Australian government that we only take Christians is ludicrous.
This boy is a human being, he and the child deserve a life! Does it really matter what faith he is??

ABC Updated about 3 hours ago

An asylum seeker carrying a baby is stopped by Hungarian police officers as he tries to escape on a field nearby a collection point in the village of Roszke

7 Sept 2015

Thanks Joe and Tony,for the recession your about to give us, because when it comes, it belongs to you two boys!

Our beloved treasurer and our esteemed Leader have created an Australian IED. It doesn't go bang, this is a slow motion version. 
'Its was called a Car Industry'
Taken from an article by Ian Porter
The Abbott government seems to be unaware of the calamity that is quickly approaching. It is going to be a body blow, not just to unemployment levels and welfare payments, but also to manufacturing output due to the loss of $29 billion in local value-adding. In addition, the trade deficit will expand because a further 150,000 vehicles will have to be imported to meet demand – and Australia will also lose the benefit of Toyota's annual export of 90,000 vehicles to the Middle East.

Add to that the elimination of the car industry's capital expenditures, which were running at a reduced $1 billion a year after the Global Financial Crisis.

Contrary to popular belief, GM and Toyota were well advanced on planning for new models that would have been exportable. Hockey's 2014-15 budget papers showed the car industry was proposing to invest $3.8 billion in new models over the four-year cycle.

Then there is the 200,000 people that will hit the dole queue soon after next year's federal election, that will seal Australia's fate. When those people lose their spending power and start drawing on the public purse, there will be a sting and it could be a recession. Unless something is done in the meantime, it's just a question of how deep, and for how long.

6 Sept 2015



Excerpt from an article by ANTHONY SHARWOOD
Australia was not always so reluctant to take in asylum seekers. In fact we once welcomed them. Here’s a statement from Michael MacKellar, the immigration minister in the Fraser Liberal Government in 1976:

“As a matter of humanity, and in accord with international obligations freely entered into, Australia has accepted a responsibility to contribute towards the solution of world refugee problems.”

Mr Mackellar spoke these words after the first ever asylum seeker vessel docked in Darwin Harbour. That boat contained Vietnamese refugees, all of whom were granted asylum.

Mr Mackellar (who held Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah for 25 years until Mr Abbott assumed the seat in 1994) promised that the government’s “full resources” would be made available to these and other asylum seekers.

He peppered his speeches on the subject of asylum seekers with phrases like “sanctuary” and “harrowing experiences” and “moral rightness”.

It’s a far cry from the pejorative language we hear these days. Words like “illegals”, “queue jumpers” and “potential terrorists” dominate official government communications and the conversations held by everyday Australians.

The government’s “full resources” nowadays go not into resettlement, but into offshore detention centres -----and then there's the recent creation of a highly militaristic 6000-strong entity called Australian Border Force, which you can still join until this Sunday. If that is your thing, good luck to you?

Coalition still owned by the big boys, its bloody obvious!

The government has backed away from a major reform to competition law, in what small and medium-sized businesses are calling a “spineless” capitulation to the alleged bullying tactics of big business.

The New Daily understands the Business Council of Australia (BCA), on behalf of companies like Woolworths and Wesfarmers, threatened to launch an anti-government campaign.

Like the one waged by the mining industry against the Rudd administration, if the government went ahead with the reform.

The reform, a key recommendation of this year’s Harper Review, would have made it easier for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to intervene when a big business uses its market power to damage or decrease competition.

But on Tuesday the government announced that it was putting the reform on hold, in a move that went under the radar of most news outlets.

Coles and Woolworths have been two of the most active opponents of the ‘effects test’ reform.

Master Grocers Australia chief executive Jos de Bruin told The New Daily: “I think the BCA has been running up and down the halls of parliament and instilling fear and uncertainty, particularly amongst the people in the cabinet.

3 Sept 2015

"A very powerful” case to raise the GST to 15 per cent and eliminate all exemptions"says PM Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott says there is a “very powerful” case to raise the GST to 15 per cent and eliminate all exemptions. No mention of safety net.
The Prime Minister acknowledged the “efficiency argument for taxing earnings less and taxing spending more”.
“This is something that we’re looking at as part of a tax reform white paper and we’ll have more to say about it in the months ahead but fundamentally the overall burden of tax must come down.
When asked is an efficiency argument for taxing earning less and taxing spending more the PM said:- I accept there is a strong argument for that — but it has to be in the context of overall lower taxes.
When it has been suggested increasing the GST from 10 to 15 per cent and eliminating exemptions on items such as fresh food, healthcare and education, to fund personal and company tax cuts Mr Abbott agreed, saying it was a very powerful point.
It is becoming apparent that the Coalition has the GST in their sights and they favour no exemptions and there was no mention of compensation to pensioners etc.
Now we have this on-again, off-again approach to the GST and it’s terrible for consumer confidence. 
They’ve really got to tell us their plans — either they’re going to do the GST, or they’re not and we should be told well before the next election.
We don't want this to be suddenly unleashed on us afterwards, look what happened the last time. Almost everything they promised wouldn't happen was dumped on us after the election.
What are their true intentions? The truth is not something this government is renowned for.

We don't smell, its the toilet paper says Dutton

Dutton shoots the messenger, he's lost his sense of smell, his government smells at the moment and the blame game doesn't cut it..

Taken from an article in The NEWDAILY
The reality is that the government is getting an armchair ride from much of News Limited, still the dominant entity in Australian news media. This, in turn, is distorting the government’s assessment of rival media outfits simply doing their jobs.
Broelman - Sept 02 (Dutton - CMYK)
Dutton and his colleagues should be looking closer to home when assessing why they’re so much on the nose at the moment. It’s all to do with performance, theirs not Fairfax’s or, for that matter, the ABC’s.

2 Sept 2015

Relaxing requirements on the employment of temporary migrant workers could result in local workers being overlooked for work.

Concern has focused on whether relaxing requirements on the employment of temporary migrant workers could result in local workers being overlooked for work associated with Chinese investment projects, and the potential for employment standards to be eroded.

Much of the attention has focused on the Memorandum of Understanding on an Investment Facilitation Arrangement (IFA). The IFA provides Chinese investors with the right to negotiate visas to engage temporary migrant workers who would be employed in semi-skilled occupations. Under the terms of the IFA, Chinese contractors would negotiate the terms and conditions of employment with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and, in effect, outside the established Australian industrial relations system.

There is "no requirement for labour market testing to enter into an IFA". This his why the union movement has some cause for concern because it fears that the investment-labour mobility clause could result in local workers being displaced by migrant workers.

Government official proposes eliminating Australian workers for bigger profit.

Government official proposes new hiring laws by eliminating Australian workers
TONY Abbott’s commitment to protect Australian jobs has been battered by a company’s claim it was advised by a Government official to sack local staff and hire cheaper foreigners.

A cruise line executive has accused the official of advising he soften the blow to the company payroll from proposed new hiring laws by eliminating Australian workers.

North Star Cruises told a Senate inquiry the senior Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development bureaucrat suggested the company move operations to another country with cheaper wage rates.

The advice clashes with assurances from Prime Minister Tony Abbott the Government is protecting and growing employment as a priority, and feeds into Labor’s concerns the China Free Trade Agreement could give Australian jobs to Chinese workers.

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