11 Sept 2015

A reshuffle to avoid another "near death"

Is Tony Abbott about to do reshuffle to stack cabinet with his supporters in case there's another "near death" experience possible.

Based on an article by James Massola.
Abbott government ministers must "get on with our jobs" and forget any talk of a sweeping frontbench reshuffle says Abbott backer Christopher Pyne.

There up to half a dozen ministers who are not welded on Abbott supporters who would be the possible loosers by December.

Talk of a reshuffle has arisen just eight days before the critical Canning by election is held. This reinforces the idea that Tony Abbott is trying to cover his arse in case of a challenge.

The Prime Minister has long planned an end of year ministerial shake-up and bringing forward such a move could assist in heading off a another "near death" event. This is not about what's best for the Coalition, it all about Abbott's survival.

Should a reshuffle take place its main purpose will be to shore up the PM in the face terrible polls, even his pet media is coming out with derogatory remarks.

Self interest is the driver and behind the wheel is Tony Abbott.

Surely the Coalition has an alternative leader that won't cause Australians embarrassment every time he opens his mouth.

We have even had respected overseas newspapers recently laughing at the PM, their description if him is not flattering.
Abbott wants to stop spot fires in the ranks.

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