13 Sept 2015

Could the Australian political parties learn from result for Jeremy Corbyn in England.

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"I found the core values".
His promise to fight for a more tolerant and inclusive Britain - and to tackle multinationals and the levels of inequality in society.

If this were espoused  by Labor in OZ , would it be welcomed, I think the answer would be yes.
In Australia there is no serious discussion on these subjects.

In Australia and England the distance between the opposing parties has closed, the move away from their core principles has turned the cut of their cloth into tissue paper. The multinationals and bankers are the suppliers of the cloth these days and they decide how it is cut.

People are fed up with the both parties, their parliamentary behaviour together with blindness to the inequality, injustice and unnecessary poverty. That's why these issues have brought people together in a spirit of hope and optimism.

Young Britons are not apathetic about politics, they are are showing instead that they are a very political generation, a generation that were turned off by the way in which politics was being conducted they wanted to change that.

Awakening the traditional values of Labour such as housing, the economy and people's working rights and Values, that's what  the young people want to hear.
It will be a probably be impossible task to take these values to fruition it will be a tough road to hoe. First they have to win a general election.

It is interesting to see that Jeremy Corbyn seems to have been able to tease the core values out of the mire.

I wouldn't suggest for one minute that I agree with everything he says but it is refreshing to hear a different voice, an alternative message saying that it doesn't need to be like this. It could be a kinder world that works for everyone, not just a self-serving few.

The likely hood of Jeremy Corbyn winning the next election is slim, in the meanwhile the political pundits will love Jeremy, he has provided them with a rather large target.

Perhaps what's happened is bit of a wake up call for political parties generally.

The voters, particularly the young, today they will punish parties that ignore fairness and let inequality become too obvious. This is true for England and I'm sure it will be the same for the young in Australia.

Meanwhile in Australia we have a zoo(parliament house) with the participants hurling muck at one another, blaming each other for everything that doesn't work. 
As for core values, well, I give up I haven't heard one mentioned for quite some time and I'm not holding my breath.(Whitlam and Fraser would be disgusted)

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