6 Oct 2015

Good news or bad news? Trans-Pacific Partnership was nearly finalized overnight to establish the world's largest trade deal.

The TPP, we are told its such a good deal.The devil is in the detail.Details that we have not been allowed to see.

The deal is done sort of, its not finalised!

The US congress has to pass it and it has to pass through parliament in Australia.
If it manages to do both these things we'll have a deal. A deal that so far has been done in complete secrecy.

The Australian people have been kept in the dark, we hear a lot of superlatives praising the benefits of such a deal, however we know very little.

The TPP has been the work of both Coalition and Labor and neither party has seen fit to keep the people informed of the detail.

Am I skeptical, yes, and why wouldn't I be, (if it quacks like a duck its a duck) and this smells like a deal between multinationals rather than a deal between countries.

We have all heard the term 'in confidence' which is so often  wheeled out by large companies and often of late by governments when someone wants to examine a contract, this has the same smell about it.

Perhaps we will learn more as it progresses through our parliament, if we are allowed to see the detail, I just hope that we the people are properly informed before it is signed off on.

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