4 Nov 2015

Dick Cheney: Remembering 9/11 and fond memories??

Extracts from an article in The ONION
This could be Dick Cheney's take on 9/11 through his rose colored glasses.

"Wow 9/11 is almost here it makes me warm all over!" It is a time to reflect and give thanks for all the benefits and blessings 9/11 has given me in the past.
Its a cherished annual tradition: gift-shopping for my favorite holiday, 9/11.
"It's the most wonderful time of the year."

I'm careful not to let all the 9/11 festivities distract me from the deeper significance the day holds.
"Sometimes, in all the hustle and bustle of the season, it's easy to forget the true meaning of Sept. 11" 
"Sept. 11 is not about fancy 9/11 parades, or big 9/11 office parties. In fact, it's not even just about two buildings crumbling to the ground and leaving thousands of innocent people dead."
"No, 9/11 is about the warm feeling you get when you help an elderly woman cross the street and then whisper to her that the terrorists can strike at any moment.
9/11 is about the satisfaction of telling people to do things and then them doing it—not because they want to, no because you frightened them to death.
9/11 is about removing Saddam Hussein from power.
Most of all, 9/11 is about love."

I plans to spend a quiet day at home this year, during which I will exchange gifts with loved ones and watch my taped VHS footage of the old 9/11 TV specials of the towers falling while I smile and laugh.
"I have a feeling this is going to be the best Sept. 11 ever,"  "I just dread the day I have to tell my kids that 9/11 isn't real."

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