9 Nov 2015

Has the terrible duo really changed that much?

The new Peter and Scott
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(We really, really, support Malcolm)

Dutton’s heartstrings were not being pulled in the case of the raped Somalian woman Abyan. Despite being assessed as a refugee, pregnant Abyan was forced to remain in the very danger that she had sought to flee.

Nor did he show much empathy for the plight of those inhabiting Pacific Islands inundated by rising sea levels when he was caught out laughing about it with Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison.

Now, we are being shown the man who has heartstrings that can be tugged at by sad little children forced to live in camps with little hope. Except that of the 79,000 people in the Jordan camp, a lucky 12,000 could be selected for entry into Australia.

At last former policeman Dutton can play the good guy.

His heart strings are obviously immune to our detention camps and the parents and children who, we are told may never leave unless we can find a country 'anywhere' that will take them.

Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison are, arguably, two of the most conspicuous hard-hearts of the former Abbott clique still remaining in positions of influence, why have they have not been removed? Does Malcolm have to tread so lightly with the right wing?

Malcolm must realize that the longer they remain the more he is linked to the Abbott doctrine.

The once famous Scott Morrison, famous for keeping stum about “on water operations”, is now being served up anew as an affable, friendly kind of guy who, because he cooks up Sri Lankan food with gusto we should hug him to death?

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