14 Nov 2015

Paris: Australia's Moderate Muslims wake up, you are loosing the support of thinking Australians.

If you do not condone the Paris acts
Tell your fellow Australians
Let us hear your voices

Moderate Muslims in Australia must show their solidarity with the countries they have chosen to live in, because if they remain silent about what’s happened in Paris the people who lump you all into the same barrel will be galvanized into vigilante actions.

Moderate Muslims are bound to suffer a backlash after Paris and if they don’t come out and strongly attack this atrocity they will all be seen by certain sections of the public as being complicit.
It’s about time we saw the Muslim community organize marches across Australia to show that they stand for Australian values, not just Muslim values.

If they do not show us that Australia comes first there are people in Australia that will be saying, I told you so, they are all terrorists. It is up to them to show us that they can live in our society without forcing us to believe in they're belief.

The impression that many Australians have is that we should all become Muslim, and they as a group have done nothing to allay this thinking.

We Australians have had different ideologies  thrown at us over the years , once upon a time we were all supposed to have all been Protestant or Catholic , or so we were told.  Well the thing about us Australians is that the minute we have anything forced upon us we rebel, and react, that’s what being Australian is all about.

Australia has accepted people of all races and religions, and if Muslims want to show us that they embrace Australia as their country they must act as Australians and condemn inhumane acts vehemently regardless of  of any links to religion. 

Many Australians I believe have a feeling that people of the Muslim faith are wanting to convert us all to their faith. Should this be a fact then I will be the first to join the redneck brigade in suggesting that such people leave this country as soon as possible.

I personally don’t believe that this is they're aim, however it’s up to them as a group to show us that they are willing to become what I consider to be true Australians.

So far they're reaction to terrorist attacks has been pathetic and pitiful .

Sure we have had some of the leaders come out and condemn these attacks but we have never seen Muslims on mass show the same condemnation, no. As a non Muslim this is very worrying because they to are supposed to be Australians, are they not allowed to voice their opinions publicly, must they only speak through their leaders.

Come on if your Australian, we speak for ourselves we don't have to wait for our leaders to speak.

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