15 Nov 2015

Paris is nothing more than another recruiting drive for this terrorist group.

They have gained world wide news coverage, increased hatred of all Muslims and begun a new recruitment drive.

Our world media is feeding this recruitment with our addiction to the 24 hour news cycle. Perhaps the media should realize they are complicit in some way and maybe these events should treated differently.

The people that the terrorists wish to influence are those that are filled with hate. I'm not only talking about radicalization of Muslim youth.

I am talking about non Muslims who are more easily radicalized. I am referring to people who can be turned to hatred of all Muslims.

Those that are easily turned to hatred are in fact just another recruitment stream.

ISIL's aim is to turn people against moderate Islamist's, thereby turning the moderates, who are shown nothing but hatred, into potential radicals.

So every time I see hate groups marching in our streets, I see stupid agents of ISIL who are so dumb that don't even know they are being manipulated.

Indeed, could it be that these hate groups could be charged with supporting a terrorist organization. How ironic would that be?

This is all about manipulation and propaganda and recruitment and we in the west are being played like fools.

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