24 Dec 2015

Yoda says,ashamed I am but I'm not Australian or human.

Nun completes 26-day anti-detention protest in front of Parliament House in Canberra
Posted about 5 hours ago
Sister Jane Keogh protesting outside Parliament House in Canberra.PHOTO: Sister Jane Keogh, 70, (left) has been protesting outside Parliament House for the past 26 days. (Supplied)
"I have come here to shout loudly to the guys on Manus and the children on Nauru. What I am shouting is 'asylum seekers, I am with you'," Sister Jane Keogh said.A 70-year-old nun has been camped outside Parliament House for the past 26 days in an effort to raise awareness about the plight of refugees on Nauru and Manus Island.
Sister Jane has observed the period of advent by walking around Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin twice a day, praying, talking with supporters and spending her nights within the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.
She said she had been working with refugees for 14 years and said the experience made her "ashamed to be an Australian".

Saying "Ice is good" In a moment of passion could get you locked up.

Woman calls police after she hears neighbours chant ‘ISIS is good’ during sex
DECEMBER 23, 20158:18AM

Couples beware ... Your neighbours could be listening in on you when you talk dirty in the moment of passion.
Network writer News Corp Australia Network

AN elderly woman contacted police to report her neighbours after she heard them chanting “ISIS is good, ISIS is great” while having sex.

The 82-year-old woman contacted Brown Deer Police in Wisconsin on Sunday night fearing her neighbours were supporting terrorists.

But police advised the woman to call back if she heard the chanting again.

In the age of terror the public is urged to exercise vigilance.

But local news network CBS 58, who first reported the story, said police decided there was no need to rush to the scene.

But Brown Deer Police Chief Kass said, in this case, the woman was “maybe taking see something, say something a little too far?.”

23 Dec 2015

An Australian Christmas, an excuse to whinge about traditions.

A sign you're having an Aussie Christmas

Surfing SantaPHOTO: Australians have developed their own Christmas traditions that may appear a little odd to our northern hemisphere neighbours.

From dodgy trees to being bumper to bumper at the servo for bags of ice to "Australianised" carols, there are some clear signs that what you're experiencing is a Christmas Down Under.

Christmas Down Under
But we develop our own traditions 'round these parts, and anyone who's spent the festive season in Australia will recognise these signs that you're having an Aussie Christmas.
Heat exhaustion
Every true-blue Aussie knows the thrill of waking up on Christmas morning, rushing out to the lounge room to see what Santa has left you in your stocking, and then collapsing, senseless, as your body temperature reaches dangerously high levels.

You never know how much fun it could be spending the holidays in hospital on a drip to replace lost fluids.

There is no more powerful tradition in the world than the Australian the ritual of sitting down in front of the Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve. For best effect should be done with actual candles blazing forth in the darkened living room, despite the fact it's a total fire ban day.

Then we sing When A Child Is Born before going back to the service station in the morning to buy more ice. In all likelihood you don't even need ice, but you feel for the poor bastard who has to work at the servo on Christmas and he could do with the company.
You are forced to listen to horrific "Australianised" versions of Christmas carols.
YOUTUBE: Aussie Jingle Bells

Perhaps some day our musical community will accept the fact we're intelligent enough to understand a song about snow even when we're not looking directly at a blizzard: we can only dream about.

Xmas trees
Then there's our Xmas trees they don't look quite right. They try their best, but they always look buggered and droopy, they don't match up to the proud firs we see in the movies and the tinsel is all uneven because it's 40 degrees and anyway who cares.
Mixed traditions
We keep northern hemisphere Christmas traditions(probably because we're to lazy to change it), while we're whingeing about how ridiculous it is that we keep northern hemisphere Christmas traditions.

One thing Australians love, is slavishly adhering to inappropriate cultural practises established by their ancestors in different countries. The two things Australians love most, is complaining about this without making any effort to change.

For a true Aussie Christmas, you need roast turkey so you can say how stupid it is to be roasting a turkey in the height of summer. Then you need the Santa's in the shopping malls thinking why am I doing this job and what a nightmare it is be to be wearing a Santa suit in this heat. Of course a nativity scenes is mandatory although we're aware of just how historically inconsistent the story of the nativity is.

Basically, a real Australian will enjoy a traditional European Christmas almost entirely because it allows us to the opportunity for denouncing traditional European culture it offers.
The date
If you are currently inhabiting the continent of Australia or one of its offshore territories, this is a reminder Christmas is December 25.

Has the west gone mad. Racial tolerance,what tolerance!!

14 Dec 2015

Solar panels suck up to much sunlight???

North Carolina, where back to the future is back to the future.

While world leaders in Paris may have lauded the future of renewable energy.

The good burghers of Woodland, North Carolina, have successfully torpedoed plans for a solar farm, arguing the panels would suck up all the sun's energy, cause cancer and drive young people out of town.

Local councillors initially voted to reject a rezoning application that would have allowed the Strata Solar Company to build the farm near a highway north of Woodland, the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald reported.
But then they went further, supporting a complete moratorium on new solar farms, after residents made their opposition crystal clear.
Apparently Jane Mann, a retired science teacher, reportedly told the council meeting she was concerned the panels would prevent photosynthesis and so stop the growth of nearby plants.
She's seen areas near solar panels where the plants were brown and dead due to lack of sunlight.

So solar panels suck up too much sunlight?

10 Dec 2015

Only in America. A very strange country?

Come And Take It Texas and DontComply.com on Saturday plan to “take to the streets armed with rifles and pistols on display,” followed by a mock mass shooting just feet away from the UT campus, organizers announced on Wednesday.
“We reference gun-free zones as victim zones or target-rich environments,” Murdoch Pizgatti, president of both Come and Take It Texas and the gun rights news site DontComply.com, told BuzzFeed News. “It’s fish in a barrel for someone who wants to do harm.”
The groups plan to meet at noon on the west side of UT Austin’s campus and march down Guadalupe Street openly carrying pistols, rifles, and other legal guns. They’ll then hold a mock mass shooting and hostage crisis to demonstrate the “repercussions of an unarmed area,” Pizgatti said.
Crisis actors will play the roles of the general population and hostages, as well “criminals or bad guys who don’t follow the law and concealed license owners who are armed” with fake guns, Pizgatti added.
The “visual performance art,” as Pizgatti describes it, will also include audio of gunshots and other “sounds of a mass shooting,” he said.

9 Dec 2015

WHEN TURNBULL STOPS SMILING(Will we see his real underbelly, is he the real nice guy we think he is?)

Image result for malcolm turnbulls smile
Christmas wish.
Could  my parliamentary in-laws
 become someone Else's in-laws

The time is fast approaching when Malcolm Turnbull  is going to have to either propose an increase in the GST or not; he is going to have to either propose cutting company and personal income tax or not or is he going to have to propose higher taxes on superannuation or not, and on who’s super will it land.

The honeymoon is nearing its end and some of his not so friendly in-laws are grumbling in the extreme right wing.

Now the electorate is another thing, we like his smile and he doesn't behave like the last rabid dog we should have put down.(that's the one that keeps yapping)

The smile I'm afraid won't be enough, even his innovation cannot do it on its own.

Its about time we saw some of the nastier decisions that we know are to come. Selling innovation is not like selling an evil smelling medicine particularly if what you can put in the medicine bottle will have to be decided with the agreement of the not so friendly in-laws.

Meanwhile bill Shorten hasn't been able to lay a glove on Malcolm, he will have to stand on the sideline hoping for Malcolm to score an own goal, or for his in-laws to put sugar in his petrol tank.

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