14 Dec 2015

Solar panels suck up to much sunlight???

North Carolina, where back to the future is back to the future.

While world leaders in Paris may have lauded the future of renewable energy.

The good burghers of Woodland, North Carolina, have successfully torpedoed plans for a solar farm, arguing the panels would suck up all the sun's energy, cause cancer and drive young people out of town.

Local councillors initially voted to reject a rezoning application that would have allowed the Strata Solar Company to build the farm near a highway north of Woodland, the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald reported.
But then they went further, supporting a complete moratorium on new solar farms, after residents made their opposition crystal clear.
Apparently Jane Mann, a retired science teacher, reportedly told the council meeting she was concerned the panels would prevent photosynthesis and so stop the growth of nearby plants.
She's seen areas near solar panels where the plants were brown and dead due to lack of sunlight.

So solar panels suck up too much sunlight?

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