9 Dec 2015

WHEN TURNBULL STOPS SMILING(Will we see his real underbelly, is he the real nice guy we think he is?)

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Christmas wish.
Could  my parliamentary in-laws
 become someone Else's in-laws

The time is fast approaching when Malcolm Turnbull  is going to have to either propose an increase in the GST or not; he is going to have to either propose cutting company and personal income tax or not or is he going to have to propose higher taxes on superannuation or not, and on who’s super will it land.

The honeymoon is nearing its end and some of his not so friendly in-laws are grumbling in the extreme right wing.

Now the electorate is another thing, we like his smile and he doesn't behave like the last rabid dog we should have put down.(that's the one that keeps yapping)

The smile I'm afraid won't be enough, even his innovation cannot do it on its own.

Its about time we saw some of the nastier decisions that we know are to come. Selling innovation is not like selling an evil smelling medicine particularly if what you can put in the medicine bottle will have to be decided with the agreement of the not so friendly in-laws.

Meanwhile bill Shorten hasn't been able to lay a glove on Malcolm, he will have to stand on the sideline hoping for Malcolm to score an own goal, or for his in-laws to put sugar in his petrol tank.

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