27 Jan 2016

Malcolm's broad church needs some major repairs, it has more than just a leaky roof. Its becoming very ordinary!

Malcolm could be in need a mediocrity control firm.
If it spreads it could be the end.
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In USA:-  Can a former prime minister preach against abortion and gay weddings in the 21st Century? Tony Abbott can—Does he come from Uganda?mmmm(Sorry Uganda)
Oh Tony, you could be banned from the United Kingdom just like Trump and Trump may be the next U.S. president?  Maybe you think copying Trump's linguistic skills will make you PM again?  Don't think so!
Where does this leave Malcolm Turnbull? The head of a so called "a broad church", it’s a very strange religion?
He's got Barnaby Joyce he wants to kill a pop star’s dogs?
His deputy, she wants to search the seven seas for a crashed aeroplane with no survivors, spending half a billion dollars and she wants Putin to order his own arrest.
How profession are these people, its mind boggling.

Yep this is Turnbull’s "broad church".
Morrison well he has been called a pirate, a kidnapper, a people smuggler and now there's a question of, can he add up?
We have Dutton, who wanted Triggs gone because she let Save the Children tell the truth.The truth what a horrible thought!
Of course once we had Hockey, who abolished the car industry, how clever. When told it would cost 200,000 jobs he said he hoped it was "creating jobs"?

26 Jan 2016

The love of one's self is the deepest love of all.(Could be Tony Abbott?)

Behold he arose again and behold all was good

If a being believes he is infallible, he either not human, delusional or mad.
However if he is infallible, then he's definitely an ex Prime Minister with a grudge.

24 Jan 2016

The Sky is crying: The sky can end the drought if its kind

The Sky is crying
When you are crying it makes us forget
The land, when it’s dry and it looks like its dying
We forget the taste of dust and its redness, like rust
And that hot sun that burns everything all around
A land that’s turning rusty and beginning to decay
The animals that struggle just to survive each day
The heartache it brings when the birds fly away
Then sky you show us a wisp of white and gray
Is that a cloud, could it be moving our way?
Yes there’s more clouds you’re sending them our way
The birds, they’re returning to, what is it they know?
Are you upset sky? Could there be a tear’s on the way?
The birds they are calling, they’re calling all their friends
Was that a raindrop, a raindrop that exploded in the dust?
Oh sky have you looked down and seen how ill we are?
Are you beginning to weep, for us and our land?
Your tears if you cry will bring us laughter again
Your crying can end our the misery and the drought
Your tears when they fall are precious, like gold to us
The magic of those teardrops on our tin roof bring tears of joy
Now steam is rising from the ground, as if in shock!
Thank you sky for your sound, the sound of your rain

We were so glad to see you but don’t move in permanently

S W T Read 24/01/2016

12 Jan 2016

David Bowie an alien maybe? His eyes may have betrayed his planet of origin. We know 'Our Planet' definitely benefited from his visit.

David Jones'es (he never changed his name)  creation David Bowie, along with his other remarkable creations always amazed people

This guy was a legend his creations allowed different generations to become his fans and allowed some to show they were a little different. They could relate to his incarnations.
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Just an ordinary man, no! Someone who dared to be different?  YES!


10 Jan 2016

Australian summer time and the evil it brings.

When our red earth turns into a red sky:- Western Australia January 2016

We all think of a crackling fire as comfort in the winter,
in summer it becomes an unstoppable monster.
A monster with an insatiable appetite that reminds us every year that nature can never be truly tamed by man.

It does remind us that we must stand together and help one another in adversity.

7 Jan 2016

Australia:- Compliance non existent for visa holders. Get a visa and disappear , how many illegals are there, we have no idea. Never mind boat people.

Based on an article in Canberra Times
The secretary of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Michael Pezzullo.
The secretary of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Michael Pezzullo. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen
A damning audit of the federal government's visa management system has found a litany of weaknesses undermining efforts to locate people who overstay, work illegally or commit serious crimes.

It has found faults in almost all aspects of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's visa compliance processes. In the past decade, the department has attempted to improve its performance, the audit found little evidence of success, with "initiatives seldom fully implemented or evaluated".

"The department does not currently have an effective risk and intelligence function supporting visa compliance," these weaknesses undermine the department's capacity to effectively manage the risk of visa holders not complying with their visa conditions: from simple overstaying through illegal working to committing serious crimes."

It showed the number of people working illegally in violation of their visa conditions was not well-known(they haven't a clue) 

More than 7.5 million visas were approved by the department in the last financial year.

Last year, the department absorbed the former Australian Customs and Border Protection Service to create the Australian Border Force with new procedures. At this time it appears the department's risk, fraud and integrity division was abolished and a further restructure was likely within four years. 

The department's most recent attempt to improve data quality was abandoned a few months after it was launched.

Weaknesses were also found in four key corporate functions supporting visa compliance, including a lack of appropriate guidelines for staff. 

Internal audit reports seems to have identified that they don't have any idea how to operate effectively.

Problems with the electronic record management system have been identified for many years, nothing has been done to rectify its shortcomings. The system now represents a risk to the department as records are difficult to locate or cannot be found."(in other words lost)

As for the operation of field teams, they were also criticised amid weaknesses in almost all aspects of operations.

The audit criticised an "ad hoc" use of management reports, the absence of appropriate indicators to measure performance, and operational differences between states and territories.

In a response to the audit, the department accepted its four recommendations.

Now comes the good bit(A typical Sir Humphrey reply)

A considerable amount of work was being done to improve a new operating environment.
"The department is reviewing a number of administrative functions related to managing visa compliance, including a review into allegation assessments and compliance processes, intelligence capacity and information management systems," a department spokesman said.

This appears to be a section of the PS that has totally lost its way and creating the new identity Border Protection at this time has possibly exacerbated the problem.

Our borders, are they safe, well after skipping through this audit, no our borders are hemorrhaging through ineptitude. It appears a major clean out is required, starting from the top.
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We stopped the boats, people on planes we don't care about
because we have no idea how many there are!

5 Jan 2016

Australian constitution needs updating

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About time we had protection for freedom of expression.

The Australian constitution does not contain provisions aimed solely at freedom of expression, unlike the first and 14th amendments of the United States constitution or the fifth article of Germany's constitution.

Most Australians are not aware of our missing rights under the constitution and our governments have never encouraged this modification.Why not????

4 Jan 2016

Australian politicians, should they wear the names of contributors to campaign funds.

Politicians to Wear Donors’ Names on Clothing

Interesting proposition(Unions,Multinationals,Banks etc)
 I'd like to see that!
Even with campaign finance disclosures, sometimes it’s hard to follow all the money that flows into political pockets. That’s why California entrepreneur John Cox—chairman of the California Is Not For Sale Initiative—wants his state representatives to wear their donors’ names on their sleeves.
“If they don’t take any money, they won’t have to wear any stickers,”
I don't think we'd ever see a politician without stickers, do you?

1 Jan 2016

You can take your guns to town in Texas.

Texas is it still living in the 1800's

Guns are about to become a lot more visible in the nation’s second most populous state. With a law that takes effect in the new year, Texans licensed to carry firearms won’t have to conceal them anymore—they can wear them out in the open, so long as they are in a belt or shoulder holster. Later in 2016, Texans will be allowed to take guns into campus dorms and classrooms, although those will have to remain hidden from view.

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