24 Jan 2016

The Sky is crying: The sky can end the drought if its kind

The Sky is crying
When you are crying it makes us forget
The land, when it’s dry and it looks like its dying
We forget the taste of dust and its redness, like rust
And that hot sun that burns everything all around
A land that’s turning rusty and beginning to decay
The animals that struggle just to survive each day
The heartache it brings when the birds fly away
Then sky you show us a wisp of white and gray
Is that a cloud, could it be moving our way?
Yes there’s more clouds you’re sending them our way
The birds, they’re returning to, what is it they know?
Are you upset sky? Could there be a tear’s on the way?
The birds they are calling, they’re calling all their friends
Was that a raindrop, a raindrop that exploded in the dust?
Oh sky have you looked down and seen how ill we are?
Are you beginning to weep, for us and our land?
Your tears if you cry will bring us laughter again
Your crying can end our the misery and the drought
Your tears when they fall are precious, like gold to us
The magic of those teardrops on our tin roof bring tears of joy
Now steam is rising from the ground, as if in shock!
Thank you sky for your sound, the sound of your rain

We were so glad to see you but don’t move in permanently

S W T Read 24/01/2016

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