3 Feb 2016

No show Tony Abbott, maybe he's not rejoicing in a Lord that forgot he was an Abbott?

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"Rejoice in the Lord always!"(or at least until 2pm) said Mr Turnbull yesterday morning at the traditional parliamentary church service. Of course after 2pm these christians will all be transformed into demonically-possessed hellhounds).
"I will say it again: Rejoice!"
A notable absentee was Tony Abbott who for some reason was not in attendance.
For Tony the day is a complicated, its not a good day for the former PM. One year ago, he was surrounded by frightened and grumpy colleagues who were slinking back after the summer break after being shouted at by constituents.
After all, all he'd done was break most of his election promises, including threatening to charge people to go to the doctor, stick an extra medal on Prince Philip and possibly charge us all for breathing.

Yes it would be pretty galling for him on this day to see Malcolm Turnbull basking in his spectacular popularity ratings even though he'll be the first PM in nearly 20 years to be actively mulling over an increase in the 'Great Big New Tax On Everything'.
Then there's Tony's two faced friend Mike Baird, His Northern Beaches buddy, who has decided to devote some of his personal stock in assisting the new 'Adorable' smiling PM in this GST enterprise.
Gah! That's got to smart.

Perhaps Tony you should leave this heathen gathering called the parliament, you should realize that each day in this place will bring barbs and reminders of what might have been.
All the while your supporters will keep the wound festering by feeding you with hope.

The come back kid, you are not, it was the people of Australia that took you down because you treated them with contempt.
Your party would have been destroyed at the next election if there was not a leadership change, blind Freddy would have seen that coming!

Your behaviour  caused your downfall, Malcolm Turnbull just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Suck it in and move out!!

Based on an article by Annabell Crabb

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