11 Feb 2016

Right to die laws in SA, they try again.

New bid for right to die laws in SA

FEBRUARY 11, 2016

Another bid to pass voluntary euthanasia laws will go before the South Australian parliament.

Labor MP Steph Key will introduce the bill on Thursday with MPs expected to be allowed a conscience vote.

It will allow for life-ending drugs to be self-administered or with the help of a medical professional.

Before such steps are taken a person enduring unbearable and hopeless suffering from an illness must be assessed by two doctors, a psychiatrist and an independent witness.

SA's Voluntary Euthanasia Society says the planning for the end of your life is as important as planning for any other aspect of life.

"Ms Key's bill will be considered a godsend by everyone wanting to avoid needless and inhumane suffering when life has become unbearable and hopeless," president Frances Coombe said.

Ms Coombe said there was strong popular support for voluntary euthanasia in South Australia.

But previous attempts to pass the laws have failed, with bills by Labor, independent and Greens MPs being voted down or lapsing.

They keep trying and are trying again for right to die laws in SA

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