18 Feb 2016

The Australian star ship changed its name from Fiscal Responsibility after loss of leader to "INNOVATOR"

Captain Abbott of the star ship Fiscal Responsibility, with a crew known for their assassination skills took us to where commonsense has never ventured before, into a parallel universe.

Our then fearless Treasurer under Captain Abbott lead us to believe the whole galaxy was under threat, things were not just bad they were horrific for the whole universe. Not to mention the 'budget' black hole, the end of our world as we know it was at hand, with deficits higher than the pyramids.

Just after that was when we lost poor Captain Abbott, he was lost in a meteorite shower along with our treasurer who was standing quite close by. Strange it was, for those two catastrophic events seemed to refresh some of the Australian earthlings.

Now after travelling though a time warp on the star ship Innovator(name changed after tragic loss) with the new skipper Captain(Smiley)Malcolm Turnbull and recently refreshed crew, we have moved on. Our new Treasurer has suddenly discovered that the black hole has melted to some extent due to unknown extraterrestrial forces. So the crew were stood down from battle stations.

The Captain has recently sent the whole crew for smile assessment tests and if required they will undergo a happiness routine for several days. The aim apparently, so the skipper said, is to increase smile-ability.
He's told them that he doesn't expect them reach his level(which is impossible)however he wants to generally see more smiley faces.

Sadly some crew are not happy with the new Captain because they were looking forward bashing a few helpless small planets around the universe. This new crew has to realize that this is not Captain Abbott, no, he doesn't draw his Light Sabre lightly.

According to the ships doctor the new skipper seems to have a bad case of(I'm not Abbottism)a very rare disease which inhibits one from making major decisions. Captain Turnbull is after all from a bankers universe, a totally different life force to Captain Abbott.

I look forward to interpreting further parts of the star ship's log.

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