2 Feb 2016

The old Guard, COAL will benefit from LNP bedfellows:- Renewables agency stripped of members and run by bureaucrat.

The government appears to be carrying on the same energy policy as Abbott by destroying clean energy innovation and development. By not replacing agency members and placing it the hands of a Dept Secretary there will be no independent oversight of projects.

Industry relies on the independents of the these agencies, they ensure the fairness of each proposition.

Now that we have coal energy suppliers buying into clean energy, and the government previously in bed with their coal buddies it is highly likely they will lean towards projects put forward by them.

Without a proper independent agencies in place the old guard(coal), who now dominate the energy sector, will ensure that energy prices are always favorable to them. In other words no level playing field.

Renewables agency stripped of members and run by bureaucrat | Australia news | The Guardian:

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