24 Feb 2016

"Waiting for Malcolm" was a let down.Somehow, sometime, we expected a climax.

The first act of Waiting for Malcolm was a let down. Somehow, sometime, we expected a climax. No sadly we are left like a bride left at the alter, frustrated.

Based on an article by Mungo MacCallum.
Opening: The Coalition troops file back into their party meetings for yet another indecisive week in Canberra, then we hear the chanting: "One, two, three, four; what are we campaigning for?"

Then their glorious leader and his reluctant treasurer responded, in unison: "Five, six, seven, eight; we need more time to cogitate."

Followed by, "Meditate, procrastinate, vegetate".

The whole thing then went flat for a while.

Then when we were almost asleep from boredom Tony Abbott appeared, no it wasn't the real Tony it was Malcolm the 'innovator' impersonating him. Yes to our surprise the lead actor Malcolm conjured up a an attack dog.

Even though his impersonation was an interesting diversion, overall this play seems to lack substance, the main actor let himself down.

We all liked his "I'm not Abbott" role which he has played so well in the past. However doing impersonations just will no cut it with the audience anymore.

The audience wants to see him to play a more decisive role, so far it appears his left side doesn't know what his right is doing. (Maybe he's frightened of his right.)

Even great actors can't afford to be mediocre and this actor is heading in that direction. We will have to watch the second act before making judgement.

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