1 Mar 2016

America, Please Don't Do This to Us. What have we ever done to you?

Based on an Article by Thor Steinhovden

At first, we all treated Donald Trump's popularity as a joke. Like many fellow Australians I laughed at his hair, his behavior, and his outlandish speeches.
I took solace in the fact that, the GOP would need to go through a few polarizing candidates before settling on a more stable nominee.
As the caucuses and primaries got under way, I started shifting uncomfortably in my seat I was feeling the urge to race to the toilet. He was still a joke, but now with in a more eerily tone: "He said what? And he's still in the race? and He's leading?"
I think I speak for many fellow Australians when I say that I have now moved into full-blown panic mode: America, what the hell are you doing?
Trump has commanding leads in close to all the states that will vote in the SEC Primary on Tuesday. He is no longer a potential front-runner; he is someone who may possibly sweep Super Tuesday, yes that's what I said, this guy is becoming very dangerous.
What an incredibly terrifying thought, because it puts him within target range of the White House, the red button and close to the nuclear codes.
Let me quote a British friend who recently summed up quite succinctly what many people are thinking down under.
"I can't take it anymore. I have children! I want to be able to rationalize and deride Trump in a constructive way but all I do is panic inside every time I see his face".

Fellow Australian, don't worry I have a plan
We will tow Australia south, closer to the Antarctic, as far away from the USA as possible. Then again the moon looks inviting!

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