3 Mar 2016

Malcolm does an Abbott again.Fear is the weapon coming up to the next election apparently. Not policies!

Based on an article in Independent Australia

Like a seasoned rabble-rouser Malcolm is was hell-bent on instilling fear and loathing amongst the aspirant and middle classes. What is there to be afraid of?

Well if you vote Labor?

"Vote Labor and see your house price go down. That's what Labor is offering. Lower house prices, poorer Australians."

Forget the national interest, social policy, or the fate of the economy, what we should really be scared of is the Labor party’s tax policies.

"70 per cent of Australians who own houses will see the value of their single most important asset smashed."(This is actually a figure plucked from the sky)

The words might be about tax, but the real agenda is about creating fear to get votes. Until recently, we had "stop the boats". Now, Turnbull trumps up with a new one "better stop the evil lefties from sending you to the poor house".

Turnbull doesn’t really know where he or his party stands on the issue of Capital Gains Tax with all of his back-flipping and front-flipping over the issue. He is out to rescue the polls by trying to discredit the opposition, he is downright decisive about the dangers of voting for anyone but him, after all he was born to rule.

It's sad to see someone who showed such promise lobotomize himself. He's likable and articulate, why doesn't he just wheel out some good policies the electorate is waiting.
He not in opposition he's the PM he has the whole public service to work on policies.

God forbid that we could have a repeat of Abbottism rearing its ugly head, I thought that they had found a vaccine for that disease. 

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