23 Mar 2016

Malcolm Turnbull:-Is he really such a good actor, has he fooled us all?

So Mr Turnbull has just been pretending to be pathetic for the past few months, he's silently endured weeks of dismissive commentary branding him a hopeless ditherer " - is this a big act.

All his chopping and changing on tax policy, letting Tony Abbott and his supporters have free rein sniping and undermining of him and letting the likes of George Christensen and Cory Bernardi run him over on the Safe Schools scheme. Then on top of that he gave no viable response to Labor's new policy on negative gearing.

We are asked to believe it was just a ploy.Only a ploy,really?

What of his abandonment of the Republic and marriage equality, he allowed the opponents of equal marriage to announce that they wouldn't abide by the results of a plebiscite anyway. He didn't utter a word of condemnation, not a word.

So calling a 'Double D' and bashing the Senate over the head has suddenly made him a real leader(or has become a very ordinary politician who is clinging to power).
All these things are a positive for Mr Turnbull according to press commentators who now love him because he has finally made a decision. Where does that come from?

All we have been seeing was massive relief that Abbott was gone. The sort of psychic relief that comes from waking up alive in intensive care after a particularly horrific car crash.

Scarred and bruised we were and in need of ongoing care after having a bout of 'Abbottism'. However all our limbs are intact and our organs are functioning. We are still in recovery, though we are sipping through a straw."

Now we're in recovery and the doctor we first see in recovery is 'Malcolm' and he seems like god, he'll make us better.
Now fully recovered and the Malcolm we first saw has disappeared.

Now he may have been rotated just like other staff, however we looked forward to seeing that particular Malcolm again because he promised so much.

Where has that 'Malcolm' gone?????????????????? WILL HE RETURN?

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