10 Mar 2016

Peter Dutton spreads fear, he hasn't got his virus(Abbottism) under control.

Fear makes up for no policies?
Federal Cabinet Minister Peter Dutton has forecast an economic disaster if Labor introduces its tax policies. This is an "outlandish scare campaign".
The Opposition's plan would restrict negative gearing to new properties and halve the capital gains tax discount from mid-2017, while protecting existing landlords.
Labor said the measures — costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office — would save $32.1 billion over a decade.
"I think the economy will come to a shuddering halt and I think the stock market will crash," the Immigration Minister told Sydney radio station 2SM.
"I think once people realise how dangerous Labor's economic proposal is I think they'll be happy to see an election and deal with it.
"Labor's essentially said they want to lower house prices and they want to increase rents and I think that would be a disaster."
The Government has yet to release a negative gearing or capital gains policy of its own.

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