10 Mar 2016

Tony Abbott: Little boy lost with uncontrolled weeing

Opinion based on article by Mungo 
Tony Abbott has made it very clear in the past week that he's not going anywhere, which means Malcolm Turnbull can't expect any clear air - now, or even after an election, writes Mungo MacCallum.
When US president Lyndon Baines Johnson was reviewing the reappointment of his adversary, the FBI chief J Edgar Hoover, LBJ opined: "It is probably better to have the son of a bitch inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in."
Malcolm Turnbull would undoubtedly prefer Tony Abbott not to urinate anywhere; indeed, the Prime Minister would prefer his predecessor not to do anything much at all. But the reality is that Abbott remains defiantly inside the tent, pissing out, in, and in every direction.
His self control does not seem to be a strong point.(as in point percy at anything beginning with 'M')

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