30 Mar 2016

Why are Australians so gloomy about the future?

Snap out of it Australia. Despite our wealth, health and good weather an international survey has revealed consumers here are among the gloomiest in Asia. And it's been that way for most of this decade.
When citizens across 15 Asia-Pacific nations were asked about the outlook for their economy, employment prospects, income prospects, and quality of life only three countries – Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia – were more pessimistic than Australia.
The poll, conducted twice a year by card payments company Mastercard, showed our confidence ranking was more than 30 per cent below the regional average. 

Movements in consumer sentiment don't always correlate with what actually happens in the economy. But the regional comparison is telling.
Its really not to  hard to find a good reason why Australians are much gloomier about their economic circumstances than most of their Asian neighbours, including New Zealand.

Australian political parties for the last decade have continuously told us how our economy is in terrible shape and we have this huge BLACK HOLE enveloping us. The answer to this problem? Well apparently the economy can only be saved by electing either one of the very parties that continue this lie.

So why are we Aussies so depressed, well our politicians and media have been taking about black holes for so long now they actually believe their own invention.

Remember if people are told a lie often enough
for long enough they come to believe it.
Ten or more years of this lie has convinced us that we are doomed!!

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