16 Mar 2016

Will the real Malcolm Turnbull please stand up!

Exert from an article by David Tyler
Malcolm Turnbull's disunited Government is bumbling along in chaos, as the PM himself descends into undignified Abbott-style fear campaigns.
A Newspoll result suggests that Super-Mal is tanking. It's panic stations in the LNP camp. Ministers duck for cover. Back-benchers bolt. Like a rat up a drain pipe, our survivalist PM drops policy and shifts his tack to fearmongering.
Gone is the "better economic manager" his treasurer wrecked that role for him by failing to produce any kind of economic plan last week. No new idea after two-and-a-half years makes the innovator claim wear thin, too. Fading badly also is the allure of Mal the closet progressive. What is left? Mal the reactionary who will do and say whatever it takes keep power.

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