16 Mar 2016

Work Choices will never be dead and buried. If it looks like duck and quacks like a duck its still a bloody duck.

March 27 will mark 10 years since Work Choices was introduced. While that policy won't ever return under that name, the impetus which drove it remains deeply embedded in the liberal philosophy.
It's all about less power to employees and more power to those employers who will exploit their workers for profit.The strange thing is that firms that value their workers tend to pay them more than stipulated in awards, and guess what, they're very profitable.
That impetus is one which always views IR reform as requiring less employee power. And it's a desire that is never stated.
This impetus is seen again and again in data which shows that now more than ever, workers lack power, and yet the demand for that power to be lessened never slackens.
The LNP and certain sections of the media have a blinkered view, they will never admit that just like some union representatives who flout the system there are firms that also flout the system. There are bad apples in every barrel and both sides need to be policed.
The current bill before parliament to police unions and not employers is an example of blind justice. 

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