28 Apr 2016

CSIRO:- The knife is still being twisted with removal of more staff.A "Clever" country or bloody stupid!

CSIRO jobs: Lab credited with inventing wi-fi may not escape cuts, organisation says

Updated yesterday at 2:04pm

At a Senate committee hearing in Canberra, CSIRO executives confirmed about 70 staff would go from the Data61 digital research team.

The technology that allows phones and computers to wirelessly connect to networks was invented in the 1990s at CSIRO's Marsfield lab in Sydney's north-west.

Deputy chief executive Craig Roy was pressed by Senators to give a guarantee that the commercial capabilities from that lab would be kept.

"No decision has been made," he said.

"Decisions haven't been made around redundancies in Data61 or changes there — they're being considered by [Data61 chief Adrian Turner]."

He flagged that the lab at Marsfield may close but would not comment on which staff or teams would be affected by job cuts.

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